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Terracotta Warriors and Barbies

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Well family and friends it hasn’t been long at all since I talked to you! Ha-ha!  Today still doesn’t really feel like P-Day and this week will probably go by slow but oh well! (Kyle’s P-day [Preparation Day] changed from Thursday to Monday) We are already taking advantage of the day switch and going to the museums that are closed on Thursday. Today as a zone we went to the Hong Kong History Museum. It wasn’t bad at all and pretty interesting and had a lot of interesting things to see for a museum that in a small area!! But that wasn’t the coolest thing we did. We paid the extra 10$ (aka dollar and 25 cents) to go see the largest exhibition of Terracotta Warriors ever that has ever been in Hong Kong. It was so cool I didn’t know 75 percent of the stuff that I do now about the Terracotta warriors, especially how recently they have been discovered!!! I got some good pictures of me with them and it was really cool to see something that I only read about in history books in real life! And in their home country! It’s a pretty cool story about how they all came about and the ruthlessness of China’s First Emperor – actually he probably wasn’t too bad compared to the Emperors of other dynasties but you get the picture.  Anyone that orders an opposing royal family to be dismembered at the hip because they wouldn’t surrender to him just doesn’t sound like the kind of guy I want to be around…(I did not know anything about the Terracotta Warriors so I looked it up online.  The Terracotta Warriors are a collection of life-sized sculptures depicting the armies of Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China.  They are a form of funerary art, buried with the emperor in 209-210 BC and designed to protect him in the afterlife.   They were manufactured in workshops using an assembly line process with heads, arms, legs and torsos being assembled separately and then being put together later.  Studies show they most likely used molds and then added clay features after the assembly to make each individual warrior, chariot or horse unique.  The figures were not discovered until 1974 and they estimated there are around 8,000 of them buried in or near the tomb where most of them still remain. Here are some pictures of the Terracotta Warriors that I found online)



Anyway enough for the history part of things (although I must say it has been the highlights of the past couple days, especially hearing about the ASU game…oh boy!) (ASU lost badly to the Oregon Ducks this week.  Enough said.)These past few days have been long, but okay! We’ve done a lot of finding and talking to people just trying to find more people to teach but so far no luck. Oh well, we just keep continuing and just keep going! That’s all you can do! Just follow your heart’s promptings and everything will turn out just fine!!! Just have to have the faith that you’ll know what to say and when to say to say it and you will.  You always will.

To answer your questions for the week…(and I do like questions!!!) There are really good ward leaders here! They are awesome. (I had asked Kyle if they had good leadership in their wards and branches.)  I’m finding out one of the best ways you can be a good and successful missionary is if you are creative! The leaders in the wards are just that too! Like yesterday we were talking about a cooking class that we have every Saturday night (let me tell you that is one of my favorite classes) and then our ward mission leader had the idea of combining the cooking class with Thanksgiving!! So next month we’re going to have Thanksgiving in Hong Kong! And they are always coming up with activities to get more people involved. I’ve said it before, but activities and inviting people to do stuff at the church is just crucial!!! Creativeness is key. Awesome leaders are also key and Hong Kong doesn’t have a short supply of that.

Oh I just thought of other things I did this week…on Friday the stake (this is where the creativeness comes in again) arranged for two LDS American musicians to come to Hong Kong and have a free concert at Wan Chai. (It was a free concert featuring classical music and American – or English speaking – musicians.). That is just like heaven to the Hong Kong people. It was HUGE! We had like 6 investigators come make the journey and watch “The Price Duo” as they are called. It was a mom and a son -except that the mom looks like Betty White. I didn’t know that an old lady could play the piano that fast and that well! And her son played some instrument, I forget what it was called…but mom stole the show for sure. Anyway, the Hong Kong people (not Hong Kongians or Hong Kongers but they call themselves Hong Kong People) were like dazed. Then yesterday we had the chance to go and eat dinner at the Bishop’s house! He’s been serving as either the bishop or counselor for like 9 years in a row now! He is so cool!! His job actually is selling materials to Mattel – the company that makes Barbie – so they can do their business! That means he, his wife and 3 sons have a bunch of Barbie stuff in their house! Ha-ha! (Here are some pictures of Barbies just in case you have never seen them! They are remarkably similar to the Terracotta Warriors don’t you think?)

Their house was really nice house and since its out in the middle of nowhere he picked us up from the MTR station.in his car! Yes, I rode in a personal car in Hong Kong! I was thinking about it and tomorrow makes it 5 months to the day I’ve been on a mission and I’ve only been in a car like 3 times since then?!  It felt great let, me tell you. And he is such a cool guy to talk with.  He was telling us stories about how before he was baptized, he used to send his dogs out to chase the missionaries and the missionaries would always crash on their bikes and stuff…ehh let’s just say I’m glad; a) we don’t ride bikes anymore and b) I don’t have dogs running after me. But hey maybe if that ever happens Ill baptize the person and he’ll become Bishop Chan someday…I’m going to start looking for dogs now! Anyway my time is up and I have to go! I love you all be safe. I’m sad about the devils…who couldn’t be…oh well…next year right? This week is a big game!!! Their schedule gets hard after No Red Zone comes back I love you all!!!


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