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Something Left on the Bus

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Well…. it was a sad day today I don’t really like talking much today since ASU…oh man…. a mediocre season indeed oh well.  Las Vegas is calling our name! (Kyle figured ASU would probably be invited to the Las Vegas Bowl again this year.) Whoot whoot.  How is Boise State doing this year? I think we have a date with them at the end of December. Man that makes today a big bummer day. Well we had to have at least one of those games a year right? Oh that’s a heart breaker. (This week ASU lost to ULCA by a single point in the last few seconds of the game.  It was truly a heartbreaker and the loss hurt even more by the end of the season when we found out that we could have gone to the PAC-12 Championship game if we had won.) I’d rather just not hear about it. sad, sad, day….

Anyway for this week there really isn’t too much too talk about because not a lot has happened but I guess I’ll put up pictures or something to lighten up the mood! (Pictures to follow.) This week ends my 2nd move in the mission! I can’t believe that I’ve already been in Hong Kong for the same amount of time that I was in the MTC! Just ask me which one seems like the shorter amount of time?  I didn’t think my time in the MTC went by that slowly but holy cow! These past 12 weeks have just flown by compared to what happened in the MTC!  Tomorrow we find out where people are going to be moving to on Thursday and I don’t know what’s going to happen actually! Most likely I’ll stay in TKO, well actually I’m pretty sure I will since most missionaries stay in their first area for quite a while.  Elder Broderick might be moving though I don’t know what’s going to happen to be honest! He could stay or he could go! President Hawks says that Salt Lake is encouraging each missionary to stay in an area for at least 4 moves?! That’s quite a long time and it would also mean that Elder Broderick and I would be companions for at least one more move since this is only his 3rd move in TKO! Either way it doesn’t matter, the work will go forward either way!

So every Friday we have Sports Night where everyone from the TKO ward and the Kwun Tong Ward come to our chapel to play sports, mostly basketball. We get to play with them since we host it and it’s probably the best way we have to get new investigators, and that means we bring a bag of clothes to change into before we start to play.  Well, coming home after games night, we decided to get off at a random bus stop (don’t ask me why but oh well!)  We get off the bus and all of the sudden I realize…I forgot my bag…full of a white shirt, pants, shoes, a tie, my planner, and most importantly my ID card. We tried everything we could do to get it back but no one had returned it so I guess in that package (I was getting ready to send him a package) since you want ideas you could send a belt! Because right now my belt is well…let’s just say it has seen better days. That’s my big screw up for the week. But other suggestions besides that are just up to you I guess. Sorry, I just don’t know what I could need! Surprise me I guess??!

Besides that we’ve been going to A-Ching’s house (the guy that got baptized last month) and he’s doing great! We have a deal that if we’ll help him with his English (because he wants to go to BYU-Hawaii),  he’ll help us teach lessons, which is so good ’cause we want to start teaching his whole family! The problem is his whole family is never home because his dad loves running and goes running for like 3 hours at a time at then he comes home and goes to work from like 7 at night to 4 in the morning! And at 7 the kids go to school and stuff! But they are such a nice family! The mom always feeds us while we’re there which I’ll take any day of the week!!! Ha-ha!  His little brother has come to church a few times and we’ve taught him a couple of times so we’re going to start focusing on doing everything we can to meet with the little brother as much as possible and hopefully that will lead to us teaching the whole family!!!

So this week I read a talk by President Monson back when he was Elder Monson. What year you ask? 1972. But let me tell you it was a very good talk! It was entitled “Finishers Wanted” and talked a whole bunch about how in the world too many people start things but never finish anything and I was thinking about that and that’s totally a problem that we, ourselves, have the ability to solve!! He said to always have the vision of whatever you’re doing no matter how small it is. Envision things as you want them to happen, then you need to put forth the effort to do it. Because the only way that image in your mind is going to come about is if you do it and conquer it! I thought that was something that can be applied today, always have a vision and know what you have to do to reach that vision. It reminded me of his talk just a couple of weeks ago about always looking at people not as they are, but as they can become. That would be cool if we all tried that out this week and saw how much happier we are. Always think positive thoughts. Positive thoughts lead to positive actions!

Well time is short, I know this letter isn’t very long but I guess that means I have room for improvement! Ha-ha!  Next week will be better! I don’t know if ASU plays this weekend?? Good luck to them if they do! I haven’t checked the schedule since last week! I love you all and thank you so much for the encouragement and support. We have a Heavenly Father who loves us and wants us to be happy!


P.S. What’s going on with the number of missionary applications since Pres. Monson announced the new mission age?? (I responded to this question by doing a search of the church’s website and told him that the number of applications had increased dramatically.)

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