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My First Move

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Well everybody, my heart breaks for the Sun Devils…. What a sad day!  I thought “No End Zone Mazzone” was gone…I guess not…sad days….How do you not get it in from the 5 or whatever?…Ah I’m just so sad!  (The Sun Devils had just lost to Missouri in a very close game that they could have won if they had been able to get it into the end zone from inside the five yard line.) But that’s okay…I’m used to it. I have been trained not to cry when something like that happens…just move on and wait for the next missed opportunity and then you can cry.  Oh Devils. Poor, poor Devils. Oh well. I’m sure dad has brought back the “Well in the end that game doesn’t matter. We still are going to win the PAC 12” speech.  (He knows his dad pretty well!) How long before the “Well at least there is still the U of A game left” speech? Can’t wait for that one! (It is getting very close!) That would make for a good pre-Halloween speech! Sad Devils…that’s all I got to say.  Let’s hope we can beat Utah this weekend.  One of the elders in my apartment is a huge Utah fan and so…well it won’t be good if we lose.  Shall we talk about the whole “mission stuff” now?

Well I’m done with my first move! That means 1 down and 14 to go! Ha-ha! I’m really excited about moving! That whole thing where people say, “oh the first move goes by so slow” didn’t really happen to me! I mean I’m not calling it fast by any means but the key to the mission here is just taking it one day at a time! When I look back at all the things I’ve done these past six weeks and all the events that have happened its crazy.  A little slow but each day goes by so fast at the same time! Like this week has gone by way fast! Even though like absolutely nothing has happened yet! It was just this crazy feeling I got on Tuesday. I looked at my watch and saw that it was exactly at that time the new missionaries got to Hong Kong and that’s where I was just six weeks ago. And here I am sitting in an apartment 35 stories up looking out into Hong Kong being able to understand like 400% more than 5 weeks ago it was such a weird and really cool feeling. Like just thinking about the journey of this move is crazy! Just knowing what the new missionaries have ahead of them and how I was in their situation what seems like forever ago but really only a month ago is just cool! And that’s all I have to say about that! And Sunday marks 4 months out on the mission! It’s crazy how fast time is flying by!

For this next move…well it’s not a shocker at all I’m staying with Elder Broderick in TKO… but I’m so happy to be staying with him. Lets be honest his Chinese is just crazy and he helps me out so much! I think that the reason I have learned so much is because he teaches me everyday something new! We’ve been going “soccer finding” lately which means we just go to a random park and play soccer with whoever is there! Its super fun let me tell you! (Kyle has loved playing soccer all of his life!  This is just another indication to me of how inspired his call to serve in Hong Kong is.)  The people that you see playing in the streets are either a) punks or b) really nice and friendly. It’s cool to just talk to them about whatever and of course their favorite soccer teams (they LOVE soccer here) and then they see that you’re just a normal person after all and for the most part they are willing to hear about your message and give you their number so you can talk to them more! I’m just really glad I know about soccer clubs otherwise I wouldn’t have a way to start talking to people about something I know they are interested in! A just busy, busy, busy, time here in HK and the weather is cooling down too! An extra bonus!  The average temperature in Hong Kong in July and August is in the high eighties or low nineties.  This seems like it would be a piece of cake for someone from Arizona but the humidity can be over 80% which makes it almost unbearable for anyone!)  Our recent convert A-Ching is doing well and we started seeing his sister so that’s good! Besides that everything is pretty much the same!

We got a surprise visit from President Hawks yesterday and he told us we’re moving!!! The castle is closing! It’s been in the mission for like 15 years, which apparently is a really long time, and everybody knows about it! Anyway, I’m moving from the biggest apartment to the smallest apartment! But I hear its super nice though and in a nice area around Kowloon Bay, which means I’m farther from TKO but that’s okay. And let’s be honest….I’m thinking there isn’t much difference between the sizes or the apartments…all of them are small! Ha-ha, I got your package! Thanks so much! It was much needed!! I loved it so much!! Those are rare things in Hong Kong! Anyway we have to get going on the moving! I’ll talk to you all next week! Go Devils!!


Au Yeuhng Jeung Louh



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