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Happy Mid Autumn Days

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You might be wondering what the title means so I’ll tell you. In Hong Kong not a lot of holidays are that big but Mid Autumn Festival is huge! And so is National Day, which is this week too! But during the Mid Autumn Festival you just have a celebration and everybody is happy and stuff like that and people give each other desserts called mooncakes. The Hong Kong people love mooncakes! All kinds! And foreigners, well they usually don’t really care for them ha-ha…and for good reason! There are lots of different flavors of mooncake but the most common one is a mooncake with two egg yolks in the center.  They were very… interesting is maybe a good way to put it.  Ha-ha! But I mean there are also like chocolate and lemon and ice cream flavors too.  At church on Sunday we got mooncakes left and right from people! The chocolate ones are the best so far that I’ve tried and needless to say, the egg yokes were not high on the list. In fact they are at the bottom of the list… I haven’t had the ice cream flavor yet…but well, we have about 10 egg yoke moon cakes in out apartment if you want to try them come and get some!

I found these pictures of mooncakes on the Internet.  They look pretty good but I’m going to take Kyle’s word for the fact that the egg yolk ones aren’t that great.








And just in case you aren’t going to be in Hong Kong anytime soon to take Kyle up on his offer of free mooncakes, here is a recipe you might want to try at home.

Speaking of which we moved! And turns out moving sucks! For how small the apartments are there is so much stuff in them it’s crazy! And it took forever to get it all done but now that it’s done I’m happy about it! This is my 4th place to sleep in 4 months of being out so I’m quickly becoming a moving expert. But like I said I don’t have to walk up and down the giant hill to get to our apartment anymore and I live in a chuyhn now like a real Hong Kong person! A chuyhn is the word they use for like apartment buildings so yep I’m living in the chuyhns now! So far it’s pretty good! Cockroaches are in abundance in the apartment but that’s not unusual. Heck if they will eat the moon cakes and then get out I’ll be happy to oblige. Our apartment is smaller and farther away from TKO but all in all it was a good move!!

So on like on Monday there were a lot of clouds in the sky but a lot of the times that doesn’t mean anything here. It might rain a little but nothing you can’t handle. But then Monday night we were walking to Family Home Evening with an investigator and all the sudden, out of nowhere, it just started pouring and pouring so hard I had never seen anything like it before! I couldn’t believe it! And so we were stuck under some umbrella thing for like 15 minutes but we had to get to family home evening so we just decided to make a run for it. By the time we got to church only like 5 minutes later I could’ve just gone swimming and nobody would have known the difference. It just poured and poured and then when FHE was done, it was still pouring and pouring. It rained and rained and rained all night it was crazy! To make a long story short, when it rains in Hong Kong, it rains. And that umbrella of yours doesn’t make a difference! Ha-ha!  (Kyle gave me a VERY hard time about making him take an umbrella with him on his mission.  It was on the list of things to bring but 19-year-old young men don’t seem to think umbrellas are very cool.) That storm will go down in my record books.

Well Go Devils! I’m glad we won this week more than ever! (This was the week that ASU beat the University of Utah 37-7)  Two out of the three elders including Elder Broderick are Utes fans. I had no clue ASU hasn’t won at Cal in 15 years! (ASU’s next opponent was the California Bears.)  It’s going to be a good game I think!!! Hopefully we go to 4-1 that would be cool! Most people were saying we wouldn’t even get over 4 wins this season! I love you all thanks for the prayers and support! I am very busy here and loving it! Being busy is a good thing when you’re away from the people and things you love! The time is just flying by!

Au Yeuhng Jeung Loeh


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