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You Ate Whaattt?!?

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So when your son gets called on a mission to a place like Hong Kong, China you have to figure he is going to eat some “interesting” stuff.  But Kyle’s emails and letters so far have talked mostly about noodles, soup and McDonald’s and all of that sounded pretty good to me.  This week though he has started sampling some of the local cuisine.  The Kyle I know wouldn’t stay in the same room with a fish taco from Rubio’s before he left and now he is eating….?  I hope I recognize him when he gets home!

Hello everybody!

I’m so happy today for a number of reasons!! Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNA!!!

1) The Devils won 63 to 6?! No way what does Doug Haller (Doug Haller is a reporter who covers Arizona State and the PAC-12 for AzCentral Sports.) have to say about that? Better yet just skip him and go to the college football generallismo Ted Miller (Ted Miller writes a blog for ESPN covering the PAC-12 and ASU) what does he have to say?! First off, I totally forgot that the game was on Friday so when I realized it wasn’t while I was at church I lost a little hope and the whole week I was dreading the result.  Oh no!  What if they lost?  I wouldn’t come home. No way.  Then when I saw that I didn’t have any emails about the game in my inbox today I was super worried. But I am kinda writing this a little early cause we’re going to the peak finally! (I think Kyle is referring to Victoria Peak in Hong Kong which is known to the locals as “The Peak.”  It is on the western half of Hong Kong Island and is approximately 1,800 feet high.  It is not the highest peak in all of HK however, that honor goes to Tai Mo Shan. )  Here are some pictures he sent home from his trip.



What a way to celebrate my…


2) 1 month anniversary out of the MTC!!! That’s crazy! I’ve done so much this month – especially this week! I think this was a big week for showing me what missionary work is really going to be like! Now that summer has ended for the HK schools and all the kids have gone back (in the most ridiculous uniforms let me tell you) we’ve done the most finding of investigators to date. I just have to get over the fear of talking to random people and we’ll probably find even more. All the time they are just amazed that a whitey is trying to speak their language. And get this everyone, guess what this man ate this week! From a sketchy place I’ve had two things that I would normally never ever try! I had shark fin soup!  There are like actual pieces of crumbled up shark fin in there…..so sketchy but I had it! And it wasn’t poser shark fin…well actually you never know here… but I’m thinking it was the real thing! Next, I had a thing called turtle soup which is so disgusting. It’s this Jello-like thing and it doesnt have turtle in it but it is so gross. It is supposed to clean your body out and make your body temperature go down.  So disgusting but once again I ate it.  The Chinese have such weird medicines!  Whatever happened to like alphabet or chicken noodle soup! Is that not cool enough? And lastly I tried this thing from McDonalds called seaweed flavoring for your fries. All I’m going to say about that is that seaweed, not matter what you put it with is gross…Here is a picture of something Kyle ate but I’m not sure what it is.  From his description it looks like it could be turtle soup but I’m not sure.  Pass the chicken noodle.


Let’s see nothing else that is really new this week.  Oh we were walking home from the church last night and they were having a political debate on the soccer fields and it was so crazy! Just walking by it you can tell the Chinese love their political debates! Everyone was just sceaming and yelling and when one candidate got louder the other candidates got louder and louder! And their supporters were just going crazy! And then we got home and there is a soccer field right by where we live (there are soccer fields everywhere!) and they were having this huge Old Chinese festival and all the people had these authentic mid-civilization beards and mustaches! I took pictures but that was such a random night! The Chinese can grow some wicked facial hair.


Well I guess I’m out of time for this week! It’s a short letter I know but oh well I’ll do better next week!  Oh and get this. This is something America should do. In China they do their fast offerings at church! They just do it right there. I think its a golden idea.  Get that going over there! And do I remind any of you of Prince Harry??  One of our investigators thinks I look exactly like him so he buys me Caesar salads and ice cream (which is not cheap) all the time.


ImageI don’t know – you be the judge!


It’s the weirdest thing….ha-ha I don’t quite get him. He’s an eternal investigator but get this! After years and years he finally has a baptismal date and is coming to church! He just has to keep on coming! Well that’s it for this week! If everything goes well right during the game on Saturday (ASU v. Illinois) I’m going to be at my first baptism!! So that’s cool if everything goes as planned! I know the Lord is leading the work and he’s answering prayers daily! It’s amazing the changes people make in their lives from one visit to the next! I love you all and am thankful for your support! I dont know what it would be like to have a family who isn’t supportive but I dont even want to think about it! Love you all! Go Devils!




P.S. I got my ID card last week and I got my full name! Its Au Yeuhng Yaht Fei. Yaht means either quick or leisurely and fei is flight so my name means “leisurely flight.”  Kinda cool!


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