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The Asians are Eternal – Almost

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If you will remember in one of Kyle’s first emails from the MTC he told us about a saying they have in the MTC that goes something like this, “Spanish Elders come and go but Asians are eternal.”  The saying refers to the length of time the Elders who have to learn Asian languages (including Kyle’s Cantonese) spend in Provo as opposed to the spanish-speaking Elders whose districts come and go several times during an Asian Elder’s stay.  Well the twelve long weeks are almost over and Kyle will finally be moving on as well.  He received his travels plans last week and you can just hear the excitement in his voice as he writes about it in this week’s email.

What’s up everybody!!!

 How is everyone doing today? Oh great? That’s just great. Haha! I was thinking about this fact and get this. This is the 69th day of my mission and my birthday (March 10th) is on the 69th day of they year! So if you take the beginning of the year and go to my birthday, that’s how many days I have been in this place. That’s crazy to think about! It seems like forever and then I think about it and it really is!! Haha – kidding of course. When we were doing our weekly planning and I realized that this week is actually my last week here FOREVER I got a little sad, but oh well! Everyone always talks about how they’re sick of it (the MTC) by week 4 and just want to go – but I can’t lie and say that. Do I want to leave? Of course I want to leave.  But do I want to leave?  Not really. The Spirit is like it’s never been before and you just learn so much here. As for the food, I say who cares. If it won’t kill you then why not partake? Haha!  Maybe I can think of a few reasons not to eat the food but that’s beside the point. In 10 days I’ll be eating weird stuff like packaged chicken feet (yes there is such a thing) and something called Durian eggs. Don’t know how you spell it exactly but look it up. (As Kyle suggested I looked up Durian eggs and the results weren’t too promising – especially if you are about to eat the things.  To quote a website that features recipes using Durian eggs “Durians stink like disgusting body odor and taste like rotten eggs.”  I’l stick with chicken eggs myself – fresh ones to be exact but some of the recipes using them actually looked pretty good. Here is a recipe for Durian Egg Tarts in case you are feeling adventurous.) And you tell me that you’d take that over roast beef every other Sunday for lunch?  Yes we have got the cafeteria schedule down to a science.

 Speaking of leaving this place did I mention I am?!!!! We leave Provo in just 7 days at 6:00 am for the Salt Lake City Airport! And then we fly on American Airlines flight 3039 to LAX at 10:05 am so definitely some talking room then! (Kyle gets to call home from the airport so “talking room” means time to talk to us on the phone.) And then I think I’ll have time to call again after we get to LAX. We are on Cathay Pacific Airlines flight 885 at 12:55 pm.  Keep in mind we aren’t on the same time schedule.  Isn’t Utah like an hour ahead? And then we have like 17 hours to convert the whole plane before we get to Hong Kong at 6:50 am the next day! Haha! I’m super excited to just go and talk to real people. I was thinking, that maybe they keep you in here for this long just so you’ll be excited to talk with real people! And the language of course is the bonus. But seriously here’s how the conversations are right now when meeting new people (usually in the cafeteria.) “Oh what’s your name?” someone says.  And the person responds, “Oh cool, where are you from?”  Then get this.  They have the audacity to ask, “Where are you going?”  They are so bold. By that time you’ve got your food and you wait until the process starts over again at gym time.  Haha!

 Very cool stories this week from the people at home.  Haha! Speaking of the blog thanks for updating it! I thought you did that every week but my dearelderdearleaderdeargenerallismo from grandma said that she just barely read about L. Tom Perry speaking to us. That was 5 weeks ago!!  Haha! (Apparently I haven’t told Kyle about all of the things that have happened to me these past few week that may have kept me from my regular posts.) Maybe she just hasn’t looked at it in awhile but I always do love her dearelderdearleaderdeargenerallisno. Speaking of which, I am very sad we don’t have a layover in The Peoples Republic of Korea (since I’m going to China next week I and they are our neighbors I feel like I should start referring to them properly) to congratulate the Great Successor! I saw their wedding pic on lds.org! I never knew that the Seoul Temple was so beautiful! Haha! Oh boy…they don’t even know who she is? Classic. That is classic.

 ASU actually got 3 votes?! That’s hilarious. (ASU’s football team managed to round up three votes in a poll to predict who will win the PAC-12 Championship.)  It’s obvious who went to temple before they cast their votes. A nation, I mean conference of unbelievers. If Jake is reading this, UofA isn’t going anywhere and we will always accept transfers. Did they get Great Successor’s vote? I’m guessing he probably had a big part in how the results turned out. I think I saw him in a vision wearing a Barkley jersey, but nope it was a Lane Kiffin jersey. Weird I know but Kiffin is kinda like the Great Successor just better. Haha!  And Utah – poor Utah, their day will come. Tell My Eubank to come on a business trip to HK. Haha!  Is he more spiritual than Tim Tebow?  No that’s impossible. Oh and how are the Olympics going? I heard US was supposed to take 1st overall but China will probably come in second. (So much of this sports stuff goes right over my head!  Sorry I can’t help you if you are as lost as I am.)  That’s cool!

 We had our baptism this week! I gave one of the talks – in Cantonese of course. Haha!  It was about the Holy Ghost. Everyone that could speak Cantonese showed up for it. Haha! That’s only about ten people but still. Last week I found out I’m giving the prayer tomorrow for our devotional! So I’m going to be saying a prayer in front of 2600 missionaries and a general authority! And we get to sit on the stand so that’s cool!! 

I’m out of time so bye-bye emails from the MTC!  The next email you’ll get is next Thursday (August 9), P-Day in the field! So I’ll get there and the next day will be P-Day! I love you all and always remember the Lord has a plan, just follow his commandments, give everything you got and he’ll provide the rest.  It’s like the boy in the scriptures who only had 5 loaves and 2 fish.  He gave it his all and the Lord provided the rest to feed 5000. The Lord can do that and with him all things are possible! I can’t wait till Monday!

 Au Yeuhng Jeung Louh


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