Elder Kyle M. Allen in Hong Kong

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Stay Positive!

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I actually thought about deleting the first paragraph of this letter because in it Kyle sounds so discouraged.  I didn’t do it because as you read on  you understand that he loves what he is doing and is just anxious to get out into the field.  My guess is that once he gets to Hong Kong and experiences some of the “local ambiance” (including the food and the cockroaches) there are things he will miss at the Provo Missionary Training Center!  Our family also decided to move this week (really very suddenly) and since he probably left thinking he would return to the same home he left, this added to his feelings of discouragement.  By the end of his letter his admonition to “stay positive” is excellent advice for us all.

Well hello world! This week was very long and hard for me. I just feel like its time to get out of here.  I don’t like it here anymore. It’s just dull and boring.  It’s sad when you say the most exciting part of your day (for 55 days straight now) is going outside and sitting on a picnic bench to read for an hour….but I guess only 21 more days left exactly.  A little weird but we literally have seen thousands and thousands of missionaries leave this place. I’m past the 50 day mark, I’m officially an old fogey.

Scripture study is going really good for me! I’m really learning a lot. It makes me wonder why I didn’t ever do it before now! Anyway so I started reading the Book of Mormon on day 7 and today I’ll be starting Mormon so if you want to keep track. Hopefully I might finish it but if not, there’s always next week!

I finally got some responses to the questions in my letter from last week.  Very impressive!  Go ahead and send the watch link here if you find it.  I’m sure I can find a place in China that will put it in. I was just going to send it home really quick but either way works! (Kyle has either gained some weight eating the MTC cafeteria food or is just getting bigger and stronger from all of that volleyball because he needs another link for his watch.) And oh wow!  You answered my question about the piano too! But I don’t like the answer! Please save it! Do whatever you can to! I want you to! (About the only piece of furniture we owned in our old house was a beautiful baby grand piano.  From the moment he heard that we were moving he has been telling us that we needed to make sure we brought the piano to the new house.  I think he was joking because there is no way I would have left that piano and it is far too big to forget but the rest of the family thinks he was serious.  I jokingly told him we couldn’t bring it!) I haven’t had a chance to check out the house yet on Google maps (because we actually have access to it) but I definitely will sometime in the week! Thanks for giving me the address without me asking! I’ll definitely be sending my letters there now! And if I were you Staci I’d go to Highland, but that’s just me. (Staci was trying to decide if she would continue high school at Highland or transfer to Higley High which is just a few minutes from our new house.)  Just remember this in D&C 101:36 it says something basically along the lines of (look this up so I’m not speaking blasphemy) but that in the normal things you can’t find real joy and happiness but it is only through Christ that your joy is full. What a thing to remember!  Who cares about where you live, all that matters is who is with you, and that you help each other the best you can, with whatever they need help on. Do not ever dwell on the past but only look forward to the future and how you can become better.  Remember the lessons learned, but the details of those things don’t really matter in the end. Heck in a couple weeks I’ll be moving to places where even after you deep clean your place the entire P-Day, you still have cockroaches by the family moving in with you! I really can’t wait for that!  Or I may get to live under the temple…but that’s beside the point.

Speaking of which, sorry I am writing late! We had the sweet opportunity of cleaning the temple this morning! I cleaned 12 sealing rooms and chairs that are in there and then I dismantled old boilers so it was actually really fun! Did you know the Provo temple is the only temple that has a workshop in it? Well now you know! Throw down that fact on all da fools who think they know temples better than you.

Teaching is going really well and one of our investigators is getting baptized next week – Haha! It’s funny, since we are here for so long we get to teach the investigators all the lessons so we can actually have a “baptism service”.  Haha!  The older district had one and it was hilarious! It’s just like the real thing! Just without the water… so that will be something to look forward to.

I just can’t wait to get out of here! I’ve been keeping track since day 1 of how many times we have sung “Called To Serve.” Any guesses? 10. This is our ninth week.  You only have two meetings a week that include singing hymns! And only two chances in each of those meetings to sing that particular song so…you do the math.  I’ve started memorizing it in Chinese because I’ve got nothing better to do!

Keep reading the scriptures everyday, its so cliché to say but oh well I’m going to say it! Jihkjyuh Moyihmunging, Sahn waih ngohdeih kaisih keuihge jiyi. Figure that one out! (I have no idea!)  Yes, there are no tones and whatever but give me a break! Tell me what I can do to help out. I feel so hopeless here with you all. Stay positive!

Oh and to answer your question dad (Staci can help you find them) can you send Phyl’s, Caleb’s and Alex’s letters to me?? Those are the ones I know have a blog so you can get them! But Staci, you know my friends so you can forward any of them you want. Stay positive and the Lord wants to bless all of us everyday! And we don’t know the answers until the answers have already come sometimes!


Au Yeuhng


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