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Over the Hump and A Transfer

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For me Kyle’s time in the MTC is flying by but I get the sense that he feels like he is ready to get going.  Lots of exciting things are still happening to him there and it sounds like he is taking them all in. Check out the pictures! ImageImage

Well hello everyone! It was my hump day at the MTC this week! Friday/Saturday midnight to be exact was the exact halfway mark of my time here in Provo.  We were planning on waking up at midnight and celebrating with a bottle of sparkling cider but as our luck would have it, the alarm didn’t go off! Geez cant I catch a break here! And another funny thing that happened this week was that I got transferred! Haha!  The Cantonese elders (aka the three of us) can’t seem to catch a break! So the residence hall that we have been staying at is super close to everything which is really nice but now guess what?? We had to move! So we had to pack up the whole room and move to the back corner of the MTC! Haha! It’s been under remodeling for like 8 months now so its actually not that bad, like I get a new mattress and everything but now we have to walk like three times as far to everything.  Oh and dad I have seen Elder Evans here! I talked to him one day! We were getting drinks at the same time and he recognized me first! But that’s the only time I’ve seen him! Is he still here? Cause that was a long time ago!

I hope you got my letter by now! I sent it with and SD card and descriptions off the pictures! If you don’t get it I will be so sad – but not as sad as U of gay winning the championship. The wicked will always get their reward in the end.  Remember that Lan.  And I got your saweet package!  IT’S SO COOL!  The jersey is so cool I had no idea! (Staci and I sent Kyle a Manchester United soccer jersey with his Chinese name printed on the back that we bought in London while we were there.)  And the balloon idea was really clever mom! Hard to clean up but nothing that a vacuum won’t fix!  (To announce to everyone whether her baby was a girl or a boy, Julie and Chris filled balloon with confetti – in this case it turned out to be blue confetti – and everyone popped a balloon at the same time.  We sent Kyle one of the balloons to pop for himself.) The ties are sweet thanks Corbin (I think??) They go well, I like the choices!! The pens are perfect! I am worried my one right now won’t last much longer so it’s a good thing I got them while I did! And I like the 4th of July stuff! I’m jealous we don’t get to watch the world’s famous puppet show. Although I hear she is going on tour and making a surprise visit here?  (Here Kyle is referring to the fun 4th of July celebration in his dad’s hometown Thatcher, Arizona.)  I don’t know that’s just the rumor around town! We’re lucky to be in this amazing country with all the freedoms we have! God truly prepared this country for us!

I hear that we might get to go and watch Stadium of Fire but that’s unlikely. And its not like Utah needs anymore smoke. The fire is very bad here! You can barely see the mountains in front of you and you can’t see the mountains across the lake.   I have been awake 3 times this week in the middle of the night because the campfire smell is literally that strong! I have to wash some clothes that I haven’t even worn yet because they smell like campfire! Every time you walk outside it smells like campfire and you can’t see very far away. Today’s not a bad day though! Yesterday was terrible though! Your eyes like stung after awhile if you were outside! Oh and also we have ash falling on us! Not like big pieces or anything but enough for us to notice.

The letters this week were really good! I like that interview between Kush/Graham! And I finally get some feedback! Dad watched the I’m a Mormon Cantonese videos! That made me happy too!

It was a cool week here though the Tuesday devotional was awesome! L. Tom Perry spoke but lots of General Authorities were there: Elders Nelson, Oaks, Ballard, Scott, Holland, Bednar, Cook, Christofferson, and Andersen! So in one day my count went from seeing zero to 10!  Haha! His talk was not missionary-based though it was very different. He just gave a bunch of statistics into what benefits there are of being a Mormon. Like did you know (and this was done by non-LDS people) that Mormons have an average life span of 10 more years than normal? He also said that statistics show that your arteries are 44% less likely to get clogged if you’re a Mormon, and that we spend on average 428 hours of service in a year compared to just 42?!  Those are crazy numbers. But a lot of missionaries were questioning why he spoke just about statistics but I figured it out, all the things he talked about, and there was like 12 things, are all the foundations of a missionary. Well in a way it’s hard to explain but the devotional was super cool. We also ran into President Hawks a bunch this week before he left on Thursday!   I think he likes me just cause I joke with him and stuff! Oh and did I tell you we had a testimony meeting with him on that Saturday? Talk about pressure! You’ve been learning the language for not even a month and then you have to bear your testimony in front of your mission president! Haha! I did go though!

We had the best fireside since I’ve been here though yesterday. A guy named Ted Gibbons (who went to ASU!) He portrayed the journal of Willard Richards and how he saw Joseph Smith! I guess he saw Joseph Smith bear testimony more times than any other person! But he just recounted all the events of Kirtland and Nauvoo and Carthage and it was excellent! The spirit was the strongest I’ve felt here and everyone was saying it was the best one yet! I wish you could have been there for it! My testimony doubled because of it!

Well new Cantonese elders come this week! We double our size!  Haha! So that’s going to be exciting! I look forward to hearing from you this week! I wish I could talk more!


Au Yeuhng


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