Elder Kyle M. Allen in Hong Kong

Read all about Elder Allen's adventures as a full time missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Saints in Hong Kong

Keep Moving Forward!

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It sounds to me like my son has grown up a lot since I dropped him off at the Missionary Training Center on May 23rd – just a few weeks ago in my mind.  Having been in the same small place and keeping the same routine over and over again for such a long time has taught him that no matter what your circumstance the best you can do is to “keep moving forward.”  It is great advice for all of us and I hope you enjoy reading about it in his letter.  I have also included the picture he talks about taking with his friends Phyl, Alex and Zach.  Priceless!

Well this week went by fast!! Its crazy to think about all the time I’ve spent here already! I cant remember half of it but it just seems like forever and yet so short! Only 28 days from today and Ill be on a plane to…well Los Angeles but then to Hong Kong! The Spirit is a funny thing, especially on your mission because you can only remember half the stuff that you’ve done (at least that’s the case for me) but that stuff is really important.  Pretty weird.  I’m sad I missed Fourth of July! That was the funniest story that I’ve ever heard about Thatcher! I really do miss that place! I was laughing very hard! (I sent Kyle a play by play description of the Fourth of July celebration in Thatcher.  I would include it here but unless you’ve seen it in person you may not appreciate it like he did.) A good sustained laugh like that is hard to come by here! We got the new Cantonese elders here! Safe and sound! They’re alright I guess…I’m just thinking that we got super lucky with the old district because all of them were really cool and wanted to do everything with us!  These people are a different story! But oh well its only been like 4 days! I’m glad you got the SD card I was really worried something had happened to it! Oh and how could I forget?! Jenna you’re home?! That’s crazy!! How is it being home?!

This week has been fun and inspirational! We actually had three devotionals this week! The Sunday and Tuesday regulars but also a special Wednesday night one! It was actually really fun and a good way to spend the holiday! It was mostly people performing and singing and such but they called it a devotional and it really touched me! And it was really fun! Then we got to go outside and watch the fireworks! They lasted till like 10:45! So we got to stay out till like 11 p.m. on Wednesday! It was actually cool! That’s what its going be like everyday though for two years! Did you know that? I hope you did! I wake up at 7 and go to bed at 11 every night!

Speaking of Hong Kong thanks for the news articles about them dad…that’s pretty crazy! But maybe you haven’t heard this yet, or maybe you had, but Hong Kong swore in their new President last week and it was in Mandarin!!! He is the first president that publicly supports communism and stuff like that! 400,000 protestors lined up in the streets this week! Exciting stuff going on! But not everyone likes him already because he degraded the citizens by doing the whole ceremony in Mandarin! Check out the news reports!! I think it was on CNN maybe??

What other news to talk about? Steve Nash?! How is everybody at home taking that?! Like do they respect his decision or is it classless? I don’t know what to think about it honestly….I knew he wouldn’t be a Sun but of all teams to choose….the Lakers….really? Why? I can just hear him say, “It’s a smart business move”. And Darren Sutton is sticking up to the man! I like it! I can see him not liking that! Any update on that?

The fires here seem like they are going down…or maybe the smoke has gone another way cause I haven’t been able to see it or smell it (which I’m very thankful for). We had a rainy day this week!  It was only the second time since I’ve been here that there has been rain!

I saw Phyl this week! The four of us took a picture on Alex’s camera so if you get an email from a McBride she is emailing the picture! It was lucky that we did because Zach leaves tomorrow for Maryland! But anyways, I’m so blessed to have all my friends serve a mission and see the example they have set for me in my life!

The Lord wants to bless all of us! The only way we can’t receive those blessings is if we choose not to accept them! Find time to read the Book of Mormon everyday! And not just for 5 minutes but actually read it! Apply it to your lives and see how the Lord is and will bless you through the prophet’s words of 1900 years ago! That’s really helped me! I started over the second week I was here and I’m in Helaman 8 or something so follow along if you want!

I’m out of time! I’ll try to do better next week! I love you and keep you in my prayers everyday! Just keep persevering and know that everything doesn’t come in the moment!



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