Elder Kyle M. Allen in Hong Kong

Read all about Elder Allen's adventures as a full time missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Saints in Hong Kong

The Grandpa Stages

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Kyle has been in the MTC for so long he now thinks of himself as a grandpa to all of the younger, newly arriving missionaries.  He may not be old enough to be a real grandpa (although some of us grandmas are still pretty young) he does seem to have gained some of the wisdom I have always associated with my grandpas.  Here are some pictures of him saying goodbye to his own grandparents just before he left.  Image



If you want to write to the elderly Elder Allen while he is still in Provo, you’d better get going.  Time is running out!


Week 10. Double digits. And what’s even cooler about today is that I’ve been gone for exactly two months!! Two months down and 22 to go before my mission is over.  I don’t even want to think about that! Yesterday was the 22nd. Only TWO more weeks until I get to China! I can’t wait! There are a lot of 2s in my life right now.  It’s hard to keep track of them all….not really but ehhh you get the picture right? Oh and this is my second to last email from the MTC. They just keep piling on! Well maybe we have to knock on wood because I haven’t got my travel plans yet (hopefully this week!!!!) so I could be leaving later than Monday but you never know with this place they call the “M.T.C.” they like to throw curveballs at you. Who knows maybe they say I “get” to spend another couple weeks here. I would just love that!  Haha!   Speaking of which, Phyl was telling me (and complaining) that his visa hasn’t come in yet so he can’t go to Colombia. He’s been here for a week and a half. That Elder…..I pray for his safety every night…even here in Provo. He needs it. Haha! Double digits I just can’t believe it!

Week 9 actually went really fast! We have P day on Monday so that goes way too fast. Tuesday we only have one class because of the devotional we have in the night. Then Wednesday this week we got to host new missionaries, which is a little bit sad! I’m so glad I don’t have to do that ever again. (I’m not sure whether Kyle means he is glad he doesn’t ever have to “host” new Elders again or he never has to “be” a new Elder again!) Haha!  But at the same time it’s pretty funny. Both of the Elders I hosted were from Provo so its not like they had clueless faces like most of them do but we talked to the Mandarin Elders who leave the same time we do pretty much the whole time..  They are really cool and there are lots of them! But get this, I was talking to an Elder while his new missionary was getting his name tag and stuff and he told me that this new elder was actually a new brother!! He hadn’t been set apart yet!!! How does that happen?!!! Haha!  I wonder what happened with him. Anyway, Thursday I walk the new missionaries around and stuff like that so it seems like a short day. Friday  is normal and Saturday we have TRC which has gotten way better! So it’s a short week! Sunday (yesterday) was really long but oh well!

The move sounds like it went really well and the Lord is really blessing you! He is always in control just remember that! The ward sounds huge holy cow!!! I cant wait to meet them all!  In 22 months or maybe more because I probably won’t want to leave that place!  PAC media day is coming up!!! I can’t wait for that! I think CTG is going to impress people there I really do! I hope he has a little Frank Kush in him and totally disses on the Northern Mexico team! That story is priceless. I will always remember that!  ( I know that CTG is Sun Devil coach Todd Graham but I do not know what story he is talking about.)  Haha! Make sure whenever to send the SD card back so I can get it before I leave for China so I’ll have it with me!!!

I’ve been learning a lot lately! Elder Bednar is the man! Look him up cause he is just a crazy teacher! I wish you could see the videos he has here! They are amazing! I watched one that he gave at a devotional here about following the Spirit and it just makes you want to get up and go start walking somewhere and let the Spirit guide you. Remind me to tell you the stories he told about his own mission. They are cool!!! And he has one called “The Character of Christ” that plays like literally every week here because its so good. Every Sunday night you have the option of watching one of 4 things either talks or movies and it’s always up there. It’s not enough to know about Christ, you have to strive to become like him. Look outward this week, not inward. That’s what the Savior did. The final miracle He performed was when the guards were coming in Gethsemane to take him away and Peter cut off the guard’s ear He healed it right away.  It’s truly amazing what He does. So that’s the challenge this week. Look outward, not inward. In everything that you do and see how your days are. Once you do it you’ll want to do it more! I love you all thank you for everything you do for me! I can’t wait to talk to you! And always remember, CTG has a solution.

Au Yeuhng Jeung Louh


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