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Six Weeks?

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The email from Kyle this week had as a subject line “Week 6!! I’m Half Way Done!”  If you are into calendars or math or anything like that (or if it even matters to you – it doesn’t to me but Kyle’s dad is giving him a hard time about it) this seems a little off.  We dropped Kyle off at the Provo MTC on May 23 and since the date on the email is June 25 and there are at little over four weeks in a month…. well you get the idea.  I think that because this is his sixth letter  he feels like it is his sixth week.  Anyway, what seems important is that Kyle is anxious to get out into the mission field and start putting all of the great stuff he has learned at the Missionary Training Center to good use. I think you will recognize his enthusiasm as you read this letter.

Well family and friends, six weeks from today I will be on a plane, or rather talking to you right around this time on my way to a plane heading for China!!! I’m halfway done in a sense! So this is the start of week six! I mean in all I have 77 days here and this is only day like what 34 but oh well! Sometime this week I’ll be halfway done with everything here! I know it sounds crazy dad, but August 6th is when I’m supposed to leave so yeah!! Seeing people come and go is pretty weird though…. like it’s weird talking about all the different Elders we’ve known and it seems like forever ago that they were here…now I’m just rambling oh gosh…


The old district left today much to my displeasure. They have been keeping me going for these weeks – haha! – not really but I have had fun with them every time so I’ll definitely miss them! Since they left this morning, the MTC is down to just 5 Cantonese-speaking missionaries! Us!!! 5 out of like 2400 missionaries. I say give them more Spanish Elders…then it will be an even fight.  I’m kidding of course I love the Spanish! Except for that one coming in next week. Speaking of which – it sounds like you did a good job Phyl!  (Kyle’s good friend Phyllip Curtis gave his farewell talk this past Sunday and did a fantastic job.  Phyllip and Kyle will be at the Provo MTC together for three weeks before Phyllip leave for an MTC in South America.  Elder Curtis will be serving his mission in Columbia.  Although Phyllip has taken some abuse from Kyle in almost every letter he (Kyle) has written, Phyllip is an awesome guy and someone I am privileged to think of as another son!)   You can finally be proud of something in your life!!!!  Haha!  Just kidding people, and congrats Anthony! Mexico is always will be in your blood.  I don’t think they could have sent you somewhere else really! It would just be weird! When is he reporting anyway? And where is that mission?? Oh and speaking of other missionaries I saw an Elder Payne going to gym time the other day and he was wearing a Thatcher Eagles shirt??  Wanna give me the update on that?


I got a gushy letter from Jenna the other day, blehhh…kidding I’m excited for her! And mom October is not too far at all in my eyes!!  How far do you want her to wait! Sounds like fun in the London Sun, or lack of! I just want to know who in their right mind would want to go out in public and ride around their bicycles naked?? It’s just weird…and then when you get a whole bunch of people its, words cant describe the thoughts that come to my head.  Then you topped the day it off with a Jesus parade?? You guys hit the jackpot$$$! I bet there were a few wackos in that bunch that’s for sure!  (While Staci and I were in London we happened across both a naked bicycle race – yes the riders were not wearing clothes and it was cold and rainy outside – and a large group of people parading for Jesus – all in the same day.  I guess we did hit the jackpot so to speak!)


It was a really good surprise getting emails today!  I think it works best to write me emails on Saturday and Sunday for sure because I won’t get the weekend Dear Elders till tonight! It’s weird but oh well, that’s the only bad thing about the weekend. But I can’t believe Jahii Carson is staying! He must really like the Herby if he wants to stay through all of this mess! (I had to look this up but Jahii Carson is a basketball player who played for Mesa High School and has committed to play basketball at ASU but the NCAA has ruled him ineligible based on his grades and ACT scores.  He would probably be okay at the school in Tucson.)  And speaking of mess what is the deal with the baseball stadium? It kinda sounds like from the article that it’s not going to happen! That would be a serious blow! But we still get more fans to the dumps of Packard then U of A gets at their redesigned spring training stadium so as far as I’m concerned we’re good! Oh and I don’t waste time reading them I just print them off it takes 30 seconds total! No biggy! But I love getting Dear Elders!


And the weekend was crazy with the mission presidents coming! 110 new ones with their wives!  The lines for meals are so long its ridiculous! You have to go early otherwise you have to pick up a sack lunch and that’s still a long line!! Besides that it was still crazy! No apostles spoke to us though which is crazy since we know that they are all here! Actually Elders Siebach and Wu got picked randomly and to pass the sacrament to the mission presidents and their wives in their special meeting! And guess who was there! The whole first presidency and 10 of the 12 apostles!!!!!!!!!!!!  I’m so jealous! and the only speaker for the whole hour and a half was President Monson! And they – the Elders – got good seats! So we “met” President Hawks for the first time on Saturday!  I say met because it’s the first time that we were supposed to meet!  (President Hawks is the new China, Hong Kong mission president.) He is a really cool and open guy and he loves answering questions! That’s all we did basically for the hour and half! We introduced ourselves to him and then he talked about himself and his wife for a little bit and then it was open for questions! His story is cool and I’ll have to tell it to you sometime like when I’m talking to you! So in six weeks remind me! A very long six weeks…. He is super cool and he made jokes and brought out a bunch of food for us from his meetings so yeah I’m rambling again.


Other than that it’s been an uneventful week! I get to welcome and take the new missionaries on tours every week so that’s fun! It gets me out of class at least – haha!  Utah is on fire though! This week alone I saw three different small fires! And it’s hot.  Just kidding of course.  Everyone here complains how hot it is and it’s just the funniest thing ever.  I’m doing well with Chinese lately too!  On our computer thing we do for the language I review/master like 75 or so words everyday! Shoot I have nothing more to say or more time to say it! Just keep doing what you are doing and always look outward! My guess is girl for Julie’s baby! And I’m the only language here that can have headphones that aren’t plugged into the computer so just send me like cheap iPod ones with a CD Walkman!  It helps me out with the language lessons and such! And the Sharpie pens are no bleed through, they come in a package of red, blue and black, but I only need the black and the display is like silver, black, then silver bottom if that makes sense.  Like that’s what the pen looks like!


I’ll try and do better this week at keep better track of what went on during the week! Keep doing what you are doing and I love you all! Keep doing what you’re doing cause you’re doing great! I hope…





P.S. I looked up the characters for Au Jeuhng and it literally means Elder European Sun, or vomit sun whatever you choose!  (I’m a little bit partial to European Sun myself.)  And you did you watch the videos? I look forward to hearing from you all!



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