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Cantonese Elders Get No Respect

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I’m sorry that I am a little behind posting Kyle’s letters from the MTC but Staci and I took a two week trip to London, England to visit Jenna who is there for a few months and to watch as her boyfriend (now fiancee) Corbin Robinson proposed to her.  Kyle’s subject line for this email was a little bit different than my title for it but you get the idea.  Enjoy!

Okay family and friends! It’s me still alive – kickin’ and preachin’ in week 4 at the ole MTC! If you are wondering about the subject line of this email the truth is we don’t get any respect! Whenever somebody sees my nametag they always say “oh Mandarin is a hard language to learn, good luck!” and oh my I just wish some person knew that there was more to Chinese than the girly-man language of Mandarin! And then get this we got moved from the nicest classrooms to seriously the pits so that English and Spanish elders could have the nice rooms!!! We’re here longer we deserve them!! Haha!  Those English elders…..and gosh our schedule should be so much better! If 6:30 wasn’t hard enough for the Cantonese have to wake up, we’re up at 5:40 on Mondays for the Temple, 5:50 Tuesdays for gym time and then 5:50 again for service! All while the Spanish-speaking elders sleep their night away!  Seriously we get ripped-off! Haha!  Oh well…they are just jealous we are going to one of the coolest places in the world – let alone the best mission in the church!


The temple Monday mornings isn’t that bad! Get this, so an hour ago we were in the temple and just about to leave and all of the sudden President Hawks walks out!! For those of you who don’t know he’s going to be my mission president and he goes there this month!! So cool – so we talked to them and the older district has seen him a bunch of times but we introduced ourselves to him! He is so soft spoken its crazy! And then we walked back to the MTC and there he was again! With his wife! This is a man that is everywhere….cue the Psycho music! Haha!  So we talked to his wife even more. They get set apart next week so we’ll have the chance to spend time with him in two weeks! It will be so cool.


So I write down all the thoughts I have on a paper so if they seem out of order and are random just know that’s the case.


I got your package! So cool!  Thanks for everything inside of it!!! I loved it! Send me more!  Haha! Kiddin’…but seriously! and I forgot to give a shout-out to Kenna and Emma for sending me the Krispy Kreme doughnuts last week – they were much enjoyed!! The doughnuts here are well…. you can just imagine, but the food isn’t bad at all!!  Sundays are always good food!


Oh and before I go on HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! I’m sad I can’t be there with you but I’m kinda on this big deal thing I hope you understand.  Haha! Just think you only have one more birthday and then I’ll be home!! Haha! But I’m sure you’ve already thought or been told about that! AND CONGRATS SARAH! But personally I like dad’s Jedi way of announcing that you are having a girl instead of the balloons! (Mark suggested that to announce whether they are expecting a boy or a girl in November Sarah and Chase could have a light saber battle between a Jedi with a pink light saber and a Jedi with a blue light saber and the winner would represent the sex of the baby.  It is – or should be – a GIRL by way.)  Did you know that jeung louh (which is the word for elder) also is the word they use for JEDI??!!! So sweet – I can say “I’m a Jedi and the force is strong with me.” I can go up to people and just say, “this is the right church you are looking for.” Boom! Baptism! Master Kanobi would be proud.  (So I don’t know if I spelled Kanobi right but I think I can catch a break!)


Dad I love the letters this week they are seriously perfect but…. you spell James Harden’s name wrong every single time!! It’s not Hardin!! Repent.  I’m kidding I need to repent now…. but seriously I love getting every single one of your letters! And that Parley P. Pratt story was hoh behng! Which means so sick – just in case you don’t know Chinese.  It’s pronounced, “bang” just so you know.  Haha!  Oh and you spelt Staci’s name wrong a couple of times….uh oh…. but I love getting each letter like I said.


Do you want to know what else is hoh behng? TRC! Its where missionaries teach members lessons! It’s the best Chinese I’ve had so far and I taught a good lesson on seunsam, aka faith and then related it to the restoration! The volunteers are so cool and will help you out with a doubt if you don’t know a word! Its only weird cause you know you’re being filmed and the teacher is watching in the other room! But I did good NBD.


What happened with I’ll Have Another?!  (this is the name of a race horse I’m guessing)  I guess they aren’t in desperate need for money like the Secretariat people were.  So sad I was already in line to watch the movie about him.


The district is good – okay great – this week! I started two new traditions “Suppa Fly Tuesday” (after yes, the one and only suppa fly person with a suppa fly hat) (I have no idea who this is!) and then “Where’s My Tie Wednesday” where all the Cantonese elders put their tie in a drawer and have to pick one and whatever tie is in it that’s the tie they’re wearing that day.  Haha!  Everyone likes that one and it makes the 6:00 a.m. service more bearable because we have something to look forward to!


Elder Parker and I got new roommates this week! Elder Frost is from Hurrican (not Hurricane – he made sure I knew that!) He is always smiling and its really starting to freak me out. I think he you can see his teeth when he’s sleeping…I’ll find out tonight…but what creeps me out bigger is his companion! Elder Collette is so cool!!! But he’s 6 foot 9!!! He plays basketball at Utah State so if you want tickets ever I can now hook us up! We are good friends already and he is really cool and spiritual! Look him up!


Its funny how ASU magically ended up with the Camp T  (Camp Tontozona – ADU football’s summer training camp) funds. Coach CTG (this is Mark and Kyle’s code name for the new ASU football coach Todd Graham – get it – C-Coach, T-Todd and G-Graham) came thru in the clutch…or maybe CTG’s wallet came thru in the clutch.)  But more likely I’m think it was the grounds crew (before he left on his mission Kyle worked on the grounds crew at Sun Devil Stadium)…good job!


Did you get a chance to watch those “I’m a Mormon” videos about the Cantonese speakers? (Kyle suggested last week that we watch some “I’m A Mormon” videos featuring some Cantonese-speaking members of our church.  I am having a hard time finding them but I will post links to them as soon as I get ,more info.) There are so cool! Watch them!! That’s what I’m learning and where I’ll be! I forget their names so look them up in last week’s letter!


Time is out for the week but a couple more things! My birthdate on my Patriarchal Blessing is wrong!!! See what you can do about that! Oh and I chipped one of my teeth somehow so I’m going to have to go off campus to get it fixed, you know what I’m thinking?? ROAD TRIP!!! To Orem…. Haha! I’ll take whatever I can get!


I love you all, I love getting every one of the letters and I promise I will write back as soon as I can! Oh, and we beat the Bulgarians this week 10-2 this week. Oh gosh. I took a sweet team picture I’ll be sending home soon!





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