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Big Changes!

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Kyle email letter dated June 18 talked about some of the changes going on for the Cantonese speaking Elders in the MTC.  They include some of the Elders leaving Provo for their missions, a new mission president for the Hong Kong mission arriving in the MTC and Kyle being called to serve as a Zone Leader.  I can’t tell you how proud I am of this young man.

Hola (I’m thinking this is Spanish…?) everyone who reads this and jouhhhhsahn (good morning),


What a big, exciting and crazy week here at the MTC! Big changes are happening in the district so it’s hard for me to start writing but I guess I’ll start by saying Happy Fathers Day dad and CONGRATS JENNA!! I heard the news actually from Hillary Peterson – Taft’s sister who works here! But besides that dad told me that it happened but that’s all I know about it!! How is London going for you mom and Staci?? I bet you’re pretty busy right now heck you might be home now I don’t know when you were planning on coming home! Heck I can’t even remember how the day went yesterday! And you think I’m kidding. I’m not.  (Short-term memory problems must be inherited)  That’s why it’s important to keep a journal! Which for the first time in my life I am doing daily and it helps out a bunch already!!! Highly recommended…for the mission…did they do anything exciting for the Dear Leader (This what he calls name for the North Korean leader Kim Jong-il.) for Father’s Day? Probably not since everyday is Father’s Day there!


The old district leaves next week, which is crazy and sad! We do everything with them – it’s ridiculous I am jealous! Their Chinese is good but we are doing really awesome as well! The TRC lessons went really good this week towards the end but more on that later.  Elder Wu…oh Elder Wu…he got moved up into the old district so he leaves with them next week which means that I got a new companion! Elder Siebach joined us so I’m in a tri-panionship, which is soooo nice especially for me… I think it was an answer to my prayers…lets just say one Elder doesn’t think the way I do about anything and thinks I’m wrong every time I say something even like “it’s nice outside today” or “that was a good talk” and is very stubborn and the other one balances us out and actually agrees with me! It’s hard making a lesson plan with two companions…both of them like to teach from the Bible more and comment at least 7,8,9 times a day on how much they learned studying the scriptures in religion classes at BYU!  Oh my…that’s what gets me most. They were shocked and even tried to say that I didn’t have institute twice a week but only once because it’s not BYU…some people….Haha!  But I still love them and look past those things! I just have to remind them of the vitalness and importance of teaching from the Book of Mormon….


Oh I got released as district leader on Sunday! But that’s because I’m the new zone leader!! So instead of making sure one district is going good I have six districts now! And more meetings on Sunday! Which takes away from watching The District!! Oh well I’m excited though! I get to greet all the new missionaries as they come in and so them around and be close to the branch president a lot so its cool!


Very cool letters this week! That’s too bad that Dallin H Oaks just visited Hong Kong! Is it too much to ask of him to wait just like I don’t know 2 months more I mean and help an Elder out? And Elder Wu is a big Giants fan so he loves me for telling him the Matt Cain story, which is very cool! How did the 14-year-old golfer finish? That guy is the man. Like Tim Tebow, Lefty, Dear Leader, and Great Successor all mixed in one with a hint of Jabrii Parker in there. Haha! Oh and CTG (Coach Todd Graham) is working his magic!!!! That’s only the start I think and this year will be one of our best recruiting classes ever! The number 50 something overall? That’s way cool!!


My roommates Elder Frost and Collette are seriously the bomb. I made up another tradition and now everyone has “Frosty Fridays” in the Cantonese districts because of how much he smiles and is so enthusiastic! Haha, we love him. I would compare our love for him to that of Kirk Herbstreit’s love for Northern Mexico University. We all have to be as happy as he is and when I send home a picture of him just imagine that face 24/7 even when he is sleeping….he is so genuine!! And Elder Collette, the one who plays basketball for Utah State lets just say he is good to have playing on our volleyball team! I didn’t believe him when he said he had never played before until we actually played and he wasn’t…the best!  But if you just set him up he hits it so hard it could even kill Matt Barkley’s chances at winning the Heisman Trophy (joke.)  I don’t wish bad on anyone – come on now people.  It kinda helps that the net is only a foot and a half above where his head stops…just saying!


Its crazy who you run into at the MTC like President Hawks last week! We formally get to meet him for two hours on Saturday! But like we ran into William Hopoate’s cousin who is a teacher here! He’s like Australia’s rugby league LeBron. You should watch his mormon.org video!! Speaking of that, have you watched the Cantonese speaking ones yet? They are so good! But I also got my haircut on Monday and the person who was cutting my hair was actually a Mia Maid in Gilbert and her adviser was Connie! (Kyle’s cousin’s wife.)  She was telling me all these stories about how they used to go swimming and how she babysat Deagan and Dawson! Funny world, sorry if I spelled those names wrong…OHHHH and in TRC this week we taught Sarah and Chase’s friend Tyler who went to Hong Kong! It was very cool he told me he was in Mesa not too long ago! If you’re reading this I hope the lesson went good! I thought it did for being here only 25 days and being in a new companionship! But if we had you the second round it would’ve been better!


Devotionals this week- Elder Per Malm of the Seventy who is perhaps the funniest spiritual guy out there spoke to us. He talked about patience being the ability to accept the Lord’s time.  Sheri Dew who is the CEO of Desert Book also spoke to us! Her talk was way good too saying how one of Satan’s biggest tools is to make people forget spiritual experiences and other important things they’ve felt and learned! I’m expecting some good devotionals in the next few weeks with the new mission presidents coming in! I don’t want to jinx us but next Tuesday there is a special 2-hour fireside for the mission president and us! I hope I’m not jinxing us when I say that the branch president quietly told me “members of the first presidency AND other quorum members will be there”!!!!


I love everyone reading this and writing me letters! If you write I’ll respond ASAP! Oh and Jenna how is the online class coming?? Good luck today dad! I’ve been praying for you and I know they Lord will bless us if we keep his commandments and have the faith to know he will do what we ask him to do in prayer! It’s happened to me sooo many times already I can’t count them all!




P.S. Phyl you’re not cool don’t try and act like you are. Always REMEMBER that.


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