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Rules, Rules, Rules

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A few days after Kyle’s first email arrived we received this letter in the mail.  It seems there are lots of rule to follow in the MTC and although I don’t get the impression that he is complaining, Elder Allen seems a bit overwhelmed.  Here is that letter.


Dear Family (and Associated Rebel Children of America))


            Before I say anything more make sure you type this up and put it on the blog because I know all of you want more to put up on the blog.  Hmm… Mom?  Like I said or maybe didn’t say it has been a good week overall.   I’m loading up on all the flashcards you can buy….. seriously though.  There is so much to take in here and if you don’t take notes you’re screwed.  Even then I seriously can’t sleep for at least half an hour every night thinking about all of the stuff I learned that day.  There is NO WAY you can remember it all without praying.  It’s pretty crazy.


            The MTC is different than I imagined it would be. I like it and all because you learn so much here but it is so strict and I don’t even get half of the rules.  They are very strict with the “sight and sound” of your companion.  Like if he goes to the bathroom then you have to be right outside the door and get this – if you have your back turned to him at any point them you are not being a good companion.  There was a missionary in Japan once that got sent home for whatever and his companion almost got sent home too!  It was the first thing Salt Lake asked when the President called, “What was his companion doing?”   They just had their backs turned to each other teaching English!  Super strict about gym time and everything.  Basically nothing aggressive and if you dive at any time – you’re done!  Here it’s just rules and rules.


            So I told you about the older district earlier and how cool they are.  There are five of them so they’re in a tri-panionship.  I’m talking with one of them, Elder Grossbeck (who is younger than me) about sports all day – ha-ha!  So us together makes 11 missionaries out of like over 2000 missionaries at the MTC!  It’s an elite group and calling – ha!  I saw Cooper within like 15 minutes of being here!  So sick and he is a total baller and pimp daddy.  But I’ve seen everyone who I think is here; Zach, Cooper, Jared, the surgeon (MacDaddy McBride), Sterling, Jake and other people who I just can’t remember right now.  I’m disappointed though; I don’t see Alex that much.  I got a letter from Phyl too.  If he’s reading this he is gay.  Since there are only 11 of us we’re a second tier language so we get all the old classrooms and then teach in the new ones.


            Yesterday (Sunday), Steven Allen came who is the head of the Missionary Department came and gave a fireside about precision and correcting deviation.  It was actually really good and funny.  It’s the only time there is like actual laughter here at a group meeting.  It says in the rulebook you can’t be sarcastic.  Needless to say that is a hard rule to follow!  The older Elders say there is always a better chance of a General Authority coming to the Tuesday Devotional than to the Sunday Fireside.  I heard a rumor that they take the whole month of July off…?  Check on that.  But I thought the new mission presidents came then…?  Let me know!  And I’ll let you know who is the speaker tomorrow!


            Gym time is still fun even though the rules are strict.  Foursquare is bomb but volleyball is fun too.  I thought basketball would be better than it is but it’s just not that appealing.  You only get 50 minutes 5 days a week so use it wisely!  We’d go out to the field more but Elder Parker likes to run and lift weights and do P90X’s so that’s what he does and that stuff is in the gym.  Outside they have Bocce ball, croquet, soccer and what our district likes the most – beach volleyball!  The only thing you can dive in! Ha!  The old district likes to have Old Man Friday and play Bocce but we are pretty athletic so we do that!


            Send pictures and stuff!  The rooms are… let’s just say they could be more roomy and homey.  Let me tell you I am reaping the benefits of our Wal-Mart trip.  Biggest miracle so far?  I folded my pants on the crease!  I think….  And I did the laundry for the first time and everything is A-Okay.  Being a district leader is cool but there are a lot of meetings and stuff on Sundays.  So while the district is like watching movies, reading and relaxing, I’m in meetings.  It also means I’m senior companion but who cares about that…not important at all.  Whoever is reading this send me a letter!  I promise I’ll write back ASAP!  And family, I know I’ve said this before but I love everything I get from you guys I love you all!  My cup is run for this week!  Ha-ha!


See ya soon Audrey  (Staci reference),


Au Yeuhng Jeung Louh

Elder Allen’s P-day is Monday so that is the day he will he able to write to you.  Write to him – he will be so very grateful!


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