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Another Week Down. Ha-ha!


The thing that stuck me about this week’s email was his use of Ha-ha while talking about the things that go on in the MTC and as he learns the Cantonese language.  I for one am very happy to see that Au Yeuhng Jeung Loeh still has his sense of humor.  This is something I have always loved and admired about him.
Hello to everyone who reads this from the bright and sunny skies of the city which is most holy, (this is particularly funny because he is talking about Provo!)
Well there are no emails to respond to so I have the whole time to write what I please, ha-ha. Well for starters thank you to everyone who has sent me letters this week. It truly does make my day whenever I see that I have letters in the mailbox waiting for me! With that being said I think I have won the most letters award not for the district, but for the whole MTC!! ha-ha!  On Tuesday, now granted that they don’t mail on Saturdays or Sundays and Monday was a holiday so it didn’t come then either, I got 19 letters?! ha-ha!  It was great but then I saw that all of them are from the PAC-12 blog….ha-ha!  And of course from the family but I didn’t know that that many news stories could happen in one weekend!! Just when you’re using dear elder don’t add an extra line for the new paragraphs if you’re pasting new stories. they come out all funky looking. To answer some of the questions I have not failed at laundry yet but who knows maybe I’ll mix up an ASU shirt today and a white shirt today and I’ll just make a fashion statement by wearing a pink shirt….I think I might just do that….and I’m so glad I have the white blanket!! I don’t even unmake my bed for the night I just have to put it over and I’m good! That way I don’t have to make the bed in the morning!! Genius, genius –  I know you don’t have to tell me. Oh and before I forget its okay to cancel my phone number just please type the numbers out and save it somewhere! I know it will be tedious but hey can you give the brotha (or should I say elder) some love? And mom i don’t get it you asked the email kmallen9 but didn’t know the rest?? what are you talking about?? Oh and thanks to Dallin I’m a really good teacher in English!! My teacher really complimented me and had me listen and help the other missionaries so cool!
This week has been pretty much the same ole same ole week at the MTC. but the good news in I only leave in 9 weeks for today! We’re in single digits!!!…for weeks….We got the investigator to commit to reading, praying and coming to church with us and don’t think that’s an easy job. Even though they are members they have to follow criteria in order to say yes! How do I know this? Because we got into a week of teaching her and then the next day she turned out to be our teacher!!!! What the heck I made a fool out of myself!! ha-ha and then added on into the fact that it is in Chinese, it just adds that more stress! ha-ha.about that get this. So the word baptism is saileih. if you say it the sai part with a high tone it means baptism but if you say it with a low tone it loosely translates to “bring you death”….ha-ha! Oh well I’m going to do it a couple of times – so what. In another funny story. Pauline (investigator) wanted to know where our church was when I asked if she would come and I could think of anything to say so I said it’s right behind the Mahkdonglouh which is…yep you guessed it. Our church is now right behind the McDonalds….It’s been a good week though with the district. For the most part everyone is loving it here and the challenges that await. There is even talk that Elder Wu will leave with the old district which is only in three weeks! They are so cool we do everything to them! Heck our whole language doesn’t even make up a Spanish district so we need to stick together!! They love us too….I hope ha-ha.
You people aren’t doing a good job at keeping me updated on sports though. Dad mistyped and said the Thunder destroyed the Spurs but he forgot the “got” part in there. But I heard they are tied now two – two?? This is important stuff people!! And Tiger came back from 4 strokes down to win some golf tournament?? You need to help me out people. I don’t even know what tournament it is!!!
The Cantonese Elders continue their dominance of the girly-men(elders) Bulgarians in beach volleyball. We love it getting to take off our shoes and go outside! We do it almost everyday!! And we always win the series with the Bulgarians and we all speak each other’s languages during the game. Our word for them this week is mihgnwahn which means fatality. They have no idea what we’re saying so we laugh…they’re all pretty athletic too its a good competition everyday…except at the MTC you’re not even supposed to keep score to make everyone feel better. No one here does it. That’s the one rule that missionaries are allowed to break.
Fast Sunday is pretty long here but the meals are so good!!!! I like them all and I haven’t even got fat yet don’t worry. The devotionals for this week were Elder Craig Zwick of the 70 who challenged us to read the Book o0f Mormon again so I challenged the district to read it again before we leave here so we have time! But I’m already in second Nephi!!
Time is running out but I will try to write more! Make sure you send me something so I know you get it! Things for the next package are just a simple Walkman and headphones so I can listen to our songs and tones book. Tape, Kool-Aid, more of my Sharpie Pens, lots of pictures, since the room is very bland and boring. and especially a picture of an old fashioned train engine – I’ll tell you about that later!!
I’m praying for you and China needs your prayers so say a quick one for them!!
Elder Allen
P.S. Also go to the “I’m a Mormon” videos and search Hong Kong and then either Patrick Vanessa Stells David and Linda. Those people all speak Cantonese and live in Hong Kong!! See what I’m up against!! Write you later!!!

2 thoughts on “Another Week Down. Ha-ha!

  1. So fun to read the emails from Kyle. Keep an eye out for Sara’s boy. He is Elder
    Matthew Evans and is going to Argentina. Keep up the good work. Love you!

  2. Kyle, you are so funny! Love getting to read your letters. My son is at the MTC too. Look for him. He is going to Argentina. I think he would recognize you if he saw you. What is this website you use? I’ve got to get him on it. It’s great! Have a good week.
    Your cuz-

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