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Read all about Elder Allen's adventures as a full time missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Saints in Hong Kong

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Six Weeks?

The email from Kyle this week had as a subject line “Week 6!! I’m Half Way Done!”  If you are into calendars or math or anything like that (or if it even matters to you – it doesn’t to me but Kyle’s dad is giving him a hard time about it) this seems a little off.  We dropped Kyle off at the Provo MTC on May 23 and since the date on the email is June 25 and there are at little over four weeks in a month…. well you get the idea.  I think that because this is his sixth letter  he feels like it is his sixth week.  Anyway, what seems important is that Kyle is anxious to get out into the mission field and start putting all of the great stuff he has learned at the Missionary Training Center to good use. I think you will recognize his enthusiasm as you read this letter.

Well family and friends, six weeks from today I will be on a plane, or rather talking to you right around this time on my way to a plane heading for China!!! I’m halfway done in a sense! So this is the start of week six! I mean in all I have 77 days here and this is only day like what 34 but oh well! Sometime this week I’ll be halfway done with everything here! I know it sounds crazy dad, but August 6th is when I’m supposed to leave so yeah!! Seeing people come and go is pretty weird though…. like it’s weird talking about all the different Elders we’ve known and it seems like forever ago that they were here…now I’m just rambling oh gosh…


The old district left today much to my displeasure. They have been keeping me going for these weeks – haha! – not really but I have had fun with them every time so I’ll definitely miss them! Since they left this morning, the MTC is down to just 5 Cantonese-speaking missionaries! Us!!! 5 out of like 2400 missionaries. I say give them more Spanish Elders…then it will be an even fight.  I’m kidding of course I love the Spanish! Except for that one coming in next week. Speaking of which – it sounds like you did a good job Phyl!  (Kyle’s good friend Phyllip Curtis gave his farewell talk this past Sunday and did a fantastic job.  Phyllip and Kyle will be at the Provo MTC together for three weeks before Phyllip leave for an MTC in South America.  Elder Curtis will be serving his mission in Columbia.  Although Phyllip has taken some abuse from Kyle in almost every letter he (Kyle) has written, Phyllip is an awesome guy and someone I am privileged to think of as another son!)   You can finally be proud of something in your life!!!!  Haha!  Just kidding people, and congrats Anthony! Mexico is always will be in your blood.  I don’t think they could have sent you somewhere else really! It would just be weird! When is he reporting anyway? And where is that mission?? Oh and speaking of other missionaries I saw an Elder Payne going to gym time the other day and he was wearing a Thatcher Eagles shirt??  Wanna give me the update on that?


I got a gushy letter from Jenna the other day, blehhh…kidding I’m excited for her! And mom October is not too far at all in my eyes!!  How far do you want her to wait! Sounds like fun in the London Sun, or lack of! I just want to know who in their right mind would want to go out in public and ride around their bicycles naked?? It’s just weird…and then when you get a whole bunch of people its, words cant describe the thoughts that come to my head.  Then you topped the day it off with a Jesus parade?? You guys hit the jackpot$$$! I bet there were a few wackos in that bunch that’s for sure!  (While Staci and I were in London we happened across both a naked bicycle race – yes the riders were not wearing clothes and it was cold and rainy outside – and a large group of people parading for Jesus – all in the same day.  I guess we did hit the jackpot so to speak!)


It was a really good surprise getting emails today!  I think it works best to write me emails on Saturday and Sunday for sure because I won’t get the weekend Dear Elders till tonight! It’s weird but oh well, that’s the only bad thing about the weekend. But I can’t believe Jahii Carson is staying! He must really like the Herby if he wants to stay through all of this mess! (I had to look this up but Jahii Carson is a basketball player who played for Mesa High School and has committed to play basketball at ASU but the NCAA has ruled him ineligible based on his grades and ACT scores.  He would probably be okay at the school in Tucson.)  And speaking of mess what is the deal with the baseball stadium? It kinda sounds like from the article that it’s not going to happen! That would be a serious blow! But we still get more fans to the dumps of Packard then U of A gets at their redesigned spring training stadium so as far as I’m concerned we’re good! Oh and I don’t waste time reading them I just print them off it takes 30 seconds total! No biggy! But I love getting Dear Elders!


And the weekend was crazy with the mission presidents coming! 110 new ones with their wives!  The lines for meals are so long its ridiculous! You have to go early otherwise you have to pick up a sack lunch and that’s still a long line!! Besides that it was still crazy! No apostles spoke to us though which is crazy since we know that they are all here! Actually Elders Siebach and Wu got picked randomly and to pass the sacrament to the mission presidents and their wives in their special meeting! And guess who was there! The whole first presidency and 10 of the 12 apostles!!!!!!!!!!!!  I’m so jealous! and the only speaker for the whole hour and a half was President Monson! And they – the Elders – got good seats! So we “met” President Hawks for the first time on Saturday!  I say met because it’s the first time that we were supposed to meet!  (President Hawks is the new China, Hong Kong mission president.) He is a really cool and open guy and he loves answering questions! That’s all we did basically for the hour and half! We introduced ourselves to him and then he talked about himself and his wife for a little bit and then it was open for questions! His story is cool and I’ll have to tell it to you sometime like when I’m talking to you! So in six weeks remind me! A very long six weeks…. He is super cool and he made jokes and brought out a bunch of food for us from his meetings so yeah I’m rambling again.


Other than that it’s been an uneventful week! I get to welcome and take the new missionaries on tours every week so that’s fun! It gets me out of class at least – haha!  Utah is on fire though! This week alone I saw three different small fires! And it’s hot.  Just kidding of course.  Everyone here complains how hot it is and it’s just the funniest thing ever.  I’m doing well with Chinese lately too!  On our computer thing we do for the language I review/master like 75 or so words everyday! Shoot I have nothing more to say or more time to say it! Just keep doing what you are doing and always look outward! My guess is girl for Julie’s baby! And I’m the only language here that can have headphones that aren’t plugged into the computer so just send me like cheap iPod ones with a CD Walkman!  It helps me out with the language lessons and such! And the Sharpie pens are no bleed through, they come in a package of red, blue and black, but I only need the black and the display is like silver, black, then silver bottom if that makes sense.  Like that’s what the pen looks like!


I’ll try and do better this week at keep better track of what went on during the week! Keep doing what you are doing and I love you all! Keep doing what you’re doing cause you’re doing great! I hope…





P.S. I looked up the characters for Au Jeuhng and it literally means Elder European Sun, or vomit sun whatever you choose!  (I’m a little bit partial to European Sun myself.)  And you did you watch the videos? I look forward to hearing from you all!



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Big Changes!

Kyle email letter dated June 18 talked about some of the changes going on for the Cantonese speaking Elders in the MTC.  They include some of the Elders leaving Provo for their missions, a new mission president for the Hong Kong mission arriving in the MTC and Kyle being called to serve as a Zone Leader.  I can’t tell you how proud I am of this young man.

Hola (I’m thinking this is Spanish…?) everyone who reads this and jouhhhhsahn (good morning),


What a big, exciting and crazy week here at the MTC! Big changes are happening in the district so it’s hard for me to start writing but I guess I’ll start by saying Happy Fathers Day dad and CONGRATS JENNA!! I heard the news actually from Hillary Peterson – Taft’s sister who works here! But besides that dad told me that it happened but that’s all I know about it!! How is London going for you mom and Staci?? I bet you’re pretty busy right now heck you might be home now I don’t know when you were planning on coming home! Heck I can’t even remember how the day went yesterday! And you think I’m kidding. I’m not.  (Short-term memory problems must be inherited)  That’s why it’s important to keep a journal! Which for the first time in my life I am doing daily and it helps out a bunch already!!! Highly recommended…for the mission…did they do anything exciting for the Dear Leader (This what he calls name for the North Korean leader Kim Jong-il.) for Father’s Day? Probably not since everyday is Father’s Day there!


The old district leaves next week, which is crazy and sad! We do everything with them – it’s ridiculous I am jealous! Their Chinese is good but we are doing really awesome as well! The TRC lessons went really good this week towards the end but more on that later.  Elder Wu…oh Elder Wu…he got moved up into the old district so he leaves with them next week which means that I got a new companion! Elder Siebach joined us so I’m in a tri-panionship, which is soooo nice especially for me… I think it was an answer to my prayers…lets just say one Elder doesn’t think the way I do about anything and thinks I’m wrong every time I say something even like “it’s nice outside today” or “that was a good talk” and is very stubborn and the other one balances us out and actually agrees with me! It’s hard making a lesson plan with two companions…both of them like to teach from the Bible more and comment at least 7,8,9 times a day on how much they learned studying the scriptures in religion classes at BYU!  Oh my…that’s what gets me most. They were shocked and even tried to say that I didn’t have institute twice a week but only once because it’s not BYU…some people….Haha!  But I still love them and look past those things! I just have to remind them of the vitalness and importance of teaching from the Book of Mormon….


Oh I got released as district leader on Sunday! But that’s because I’m the new zone leader!! So instead of making sure one district is going good I have six districts now! And more meetings on Sunday! Which takes away from watching The District!! Oh well I’m excited though! I get to greet all the new missionaries as they come in and so them around and be close to the branch president a lot so its cool!


Very cool letters this week! That’s too bad that Dallin H Oaks just visited Hong Kong! Is it too much to ask of him to wait just like I don’t know 2 months more I mean and help an Elder out? And Elder Wu is a big Giants fan so he loves me for telling him the Matt Cain story, which is very cool! How did the 14-year-old golfer finish? That guy is the man. Like Tim Tebow, Lefty, Dear Leader, and Great Successor all mixed in one with a hint of Jabrii Parker in there. Haha! Oh and CTG (Coach Todd Graham) is working his magic!!!! That’s only the start I think and this year will be one of our best recruiting classes ever! The number 50 something overall? That’s way cool!!


My roommates Elder Frost and Collette are seriously the bomb. I made up another tradition and now everyone has “Frosty Fridays” in the Cantonese districts because of how much he smiles and is so enthusiastic! Haha, we love him. I would compare our love for him to that of Kirk Herbstreit’s love for Northern Mexico University. We all have to be as happy as he is and when I send home a picture of him just imagine that face 24/7 even when he is sleeping….he is so genuine!! And Elder Collette, the one who plays basketball for Utah State lets just say he is good to have playing on our volleyball team! I didn’t believe him when he said he had never played before until we actually played and he wasn’t…the best!  But if you just set him up he hits it so hard it could even kill Matt Barkley’s chances at winning the Heisman Trophy (joke.)  I don’t wish bad on anyone – come on now people.  It kinda helps that the net is only a foot and a half above where his head stops…just saying!


Its crazy who you run into at the MTC like President Hawks last week! We formally get to meet him for two hours on Saturday! But like we ran into William Hopoate’s cousin who is a teacher here! He’s like Australia’s rugby league LeBron. You should watch his mormon.org video!! Speaking of that, have you watched the Cantonese speaking ones yet? They are so good! But I also got my haircut on Monday and the person who was cutting my hair was actually a Mia Maid in Gilbert and her adviser was Connie! (Kyle’s cousin’s wife.)  She was telling me all these stories about how they used to go swimming and how she babysat Deagan and Dawson! Funny world, sorry if I spelled those names wrong…OHHHH and in TRC this week we taught Sarah and Chase’s friend Tyler who went to Hong Kong! It was very cool he told me he was in Mesa not too long ago! If you’re reading this I hope the lesson went good! I thought it did for being here only 25 days and being in a new companionship! But if we had you the second round it would’ve been better!


Devotionals this week- Elder Per Malm of the Seventy who is perhaps the funniest spiritual guy out there spoke to us. He talked about patience being the ability to accept the Lord’s time.  Sheri Dew who is the CEO of Desert Book also spoke to us! Her talk was way good too saying how one of Satan’s biggest tools is to make people forget spiritual experiences and other important things they’ve felt and learned! I’m expecting some good devotionals in the next few weeks with the new mission presidents coming in! I don’t want to jinx us but next Tuesday there is a special 2-hour fireside for the mission president and us! I hope I’m not jinxing us when I say that the branch president quietly told me “members of the first presidency AND other quorum members will be there”!!!!


I love everyone reading this and writing me letters! If you write I’ll respond ASAP! Oh and Jenna how is the online class coming?? Good luck today dad! I’ve been praying for you and I know they Lord will bless us if we keep his commandments and have the faith to know he will do what we ask him to do in prayer! It’s happened to me sooo many times already I can’t count them all!




P.S. Phyl you’re not cool don’t try and act like you are. Always REMEMBER that.

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Cantonese Elders Get No Respect

I’m sorry that I am a little behind posting Kyle’s letters from the MTC but Staci and I took a two week trip to London, England to visit Jenna who is there for a few months and to watch as her boyfriend (now fiancee) Corbin Robinson proposed to her.  Kyle’s subject line for this email was a little bit different than my title for it but you get the idea.  Enjoy!

Okay family and friends! It’s me still alive – kickin’ and preachin’ in week 4 at the ole MTC! If you are wondering about the subject line of this email the truth is we don’t get any respect! Whenever somebody sees my nametag they always say “oh Mandarin is a hard language to learn, good luck!” and oh my I just wish some person knew that there was more to Chinese than the girly-man language of Mandarin! And then get this we got moved from the nicest classrooms to seriously the pits so that English and Spanish elders could have the nice rooms!!! We’re here longer we deserve them!! Haha!  Those English elders…..and gosh our schedule should be so much better! If 6:30 wasn’t hard enough for the Cantonese have to wake up, we’re up at 5:40 on Mondays for the Temple, 5:50 Tuesdays for gym time and then 5:50 again for service! All while the Spanish-speaking elders sleep their night away!  Seriously we get ripped-off! Haha!  Oh well…they are just jealous we are going to one of the coolest places in the world – let alone the best mission in the church!


The temple Monday mornings isn’t that bad! Get this, so an hour ago we were in the temple and just about to leave and all of the sudden President Hawks walks out!! For those of you who don’t know he’s going to be my mission president and he goes there this month!! So cool – so we talked to them and the older district has seen him a bunch of times but we introduced ourselves to him! He is so soft spoken its crazy! And then we walked back to the MTC and there he was again! With his wife! This is a man that is everywhere….cue the Psycho music! Haha!  So we talked to his wife even more. They get set apart next week so we’ll have the chance to spend time with him in two weeks! It will be so cool.


So I write down all the thoughts I have on a paper so if they seem out of order and are random just know that’s the case.


I got your package! So cool!  Thanks for everything inside of it!!! I loved it! Send me more!  Haha! Kiddin’…but seriously! and I forgot to give a shout-out to Kenna and Emma for sending me the Krispy Kreme doughnuts last week – they were much enjoyed!! The doughnuts here are well…. you can just imagine, but the food isn’t bad at all!!  Sundays are always good food!


Oh and before I go on HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! I’m sad I can’t be there with you but I’m kinda on this big deal thing I hope you understand.  Haha! Just think you only have one more birthday and then I’ll be home!! Haha! But I’m sure you’ve already thought or been told about that! AND CONGRATS SARAH! But personally I like dad’s Jedi way of announcing that you are having a girl instead of the balloons! (Mark suggested that to announce whether they are expecting a boy or a girl in November Sarah and Chase could have a light saber battle between a Jedi with a pink light saber and a Jedi with a blue light saber and the winner would represent the sex of the baby.  It is – or should be – a GIRL by way.)  Did you know that jeung louh (which is the word for elder) also is the word they use for JEDI??!!! So sweet – I can say “I’m a Jedi and the force is strong with me.” I can go up to people and just say, “this is the right church you are looking for.” Boom! Baptism! Master Kanobi would be proud.  (So I don’t know if I spelled Kanobi right but I think I can catch a break!)


Dad I love the letters this week they are seriously perfect but…. you spell James Harden’s name wrong every single time!! It’s not Hardin!! Repent.  I’m kidding I need to repent now…. but seriously I love getting every single one of your letters! And that Parley P. Pratt story was hoh behng! Which means so sick – just in case you don’t know Chinese.  It’s pronounced, “bang” just so you know.  Haha!  Oh and you spelt Staci’s name wrong a couple of times….uh oh…. but I love getting each letter like I said.


Do you want to know what else is hoh behng? TRC! Its where missionaries teach members lessons! It’s the best Chinese I’ve had so far and I taught a good lesson on seunsam, aka faith and then related it to the restoration! The volunteers are so cool and will help you out with a doubt if you don’t know a word! Its only weird cause you know you’re being filmed and the teacher is watching in the other room! But I did good NBD.


What happened with I’ll Have Another?!  (this is the name of a race horse I’m guessing)  I guess they aren’t in desperate need for money like the Secretariat people were.  So sad I was already in line to watch the movie about him.


The district is good – okay great – this week! I started two new traditions “Suppa Fly Tuesday” (after yes, the one and only suppa fly person with a suppa fly hat) (I have no idea who this is!) and then “Where’s My Tie Wednesday” where all the Cantonese elders put their tie in a drawer and have to pick one and whatever tie is in it that’s the tie they’re wearing that day.  Haha!  Everyone likes that one and it makes the 6:00 a.m. service more bearable because we have something to look forward to!


Elder Parker and I got new roommates this week! Elder Frost is from Hurrican (not Hurricane – he made sure I knew that!) He is always smiling and its really starting to freak me out. I think he you can see his teeth when he’s sleeping…I’ll find out tonight…but what creeps me out bigger is his companion! Elder Collette is so cool!!! But he’s 6 foot 9!!! He plays basketball at Utah State so if you want tickets ever I can now hook us up! We are good friends already and he is really cool and spiritual! Look him up!


Its funny how ASU magically ended up with the Camp T  (Camp Tontozona – ADU football’s summer training camp) funds. Coach CTG (this is Mark and Kyle’s code name for the new ASU football coach Todd Graham – get it – C-Coach, T-Todd and G-Graham) came thru in the clutch…or maybe CTG’s wallet came thru in the clutch.)  But more likely I’m think it was the grounds crew (before he left on his mission Kyle worked on the grounds crew at Sun Devil Stadium)…good job!


Did you get a chance to watch those “I’m a Mormon” videos about the Cantonese speakers? (Kyle suggested last week that we watch some “I’m A Mormon” videos featuring some Cantonese-speaking members of our church.  I am having a hard time finding them but I will post links to them as soon as I get ,more info.) There are so cool! Watch them!! That’s what I’m learning and where I’ll be! I forget their names so look them up in last week’s letter!


Time is out for the week but a couple more things! My birthdate on my Patriarchal Blessing is wrong!!! See what you can do about that! Oh and I chipped one of my teeth somehow so I’m going to have to go off campus to get it fixed, you know what I’m thinking?? ROAD TRIP!!! To Orem…. Haha! I’ll take whatever I can get!


I love you all, I love getting every one of the letters and I promise I will write back as soon as I can! Oh, and we beat the Bulgarians this week 10-2 this week. Oh gosh. I took a sweet team picture I’ll be sending home soon!





Another Week Down. Ha-ha!

The thing that stuck me about this week’s email was his use of Ha-ha while talking about the things that go on in the MTC and as he learns the Cantonese language.  I for one am very happy to see that Au Yeuhng Jeung Loeh still has his sense of humor.  This is something I have always loved and admired about him.
Hello to everyone who reads this from the bright and sunny skies of the city which is most holy, (this is particularly funny because he is talking about Provo!)
Well there are no emails to respond to so I have the whole time to write what I please, ha-ha. Well for starters thank you to everyone who has sent me letters this week. It truly does make my day whenever I see that I have letters in the mailbox waiting for me! With that being said I think I have won the most letters award not for the district, but for the whole MTC!! ha-ha!  On Tuesday, now granted that they don’t mail on Saturdays or Sundays and Monday was a holiday so it didn’t come then either, I got 19 letters?! ha-ha!  It was great but then I saw that all of them are from the PAC-12 blog….ha-ha!  And of course from the family but I didn’t know that that many news stories could happen in one weekend!! Just when you’re using dear elder don’t add an extra line for the new paragraphs if you’re pasting new stories. they come out all funky looking. To answer some of the questions I have not failed at laundry yet but who knows maybe I’ll mix up an ASU shirt today and a white shirt today and I’ll just make a fashion statement by wearing a pink shirt….I think I might just do that….and I’m so glad I have the white blanket!! I don’t even unmake my bed for the night I just have to put it over and I’m good! That way I don’t have to make the bed in the morning!! Genius, genius –  I know you don’t have to tell me. Oh and before I forget its okay to cancel my phone number just please type the numbers out and save it somewhere! I know it will be tedious but hey can you give the brotha (or should I say elder) some love? And mom i don’t get it you asked the email kmallen9 but didn’t know the rest?? what are you talking about?? Oh and thanks to Dallin I’m a really good teacher in English!! My teacher really complimented me and had me listen and help the other missionaries so cool!
This week has been pretty much the same ole same ole week at the MTC. but the good news in I only leave in 9 weeks for today! We’re in single digits!!!…for weeks….We got the investigator to commit to reading, praying and coming to church with us and don’t think that’s an easy job. Even though they are members they have to follow criteria in order to say yes! How do I know this? Because we got into a week of teaching her and then the next day she turned out to be our teacher!!!! What the heck I made a fool out of myself!! ha-ha and then added on into the fact that it is in Chinese, it just adds that more stress! ha-ha.about that get this. So the word baptism is saileih. if you say it the sai part with a high tone it means baptism but if you say it with a low tone it loosely translates to “bring you death”….ha-ha! Oh well I’m going to do it a couple of times – so what. In another funny story. Pauline (investigator) wanted to know where our church was when I asked if she would come and I could think of anything to say so I said it’s right behind the Mahkdonglouh which is…yep you guessed it. Our church is now right behind the McDonalds….It’s been a good week though with the district. For the most part everyone is loving it here and the challenges that await. There is even talk that Elder Wu will leave with the old district which is only in three weeks! They are so cool we do everything to them! Heck our whole language doesn’t even make up a Spanish district so we need to stick together!! They love us too….I hope ha-ha.
You people aren’t doing a good job at keeping me updated on sports though. Dad mistyped and said the Thunder destroyed the Spurs but he forgot the “got” part in there. But I heard they are tied now two – two?? This is important stuff people!! And Tiger came back from 4 strokes down to win some golf tournament?? You need to help me out people. I don’t even know what tournament it is!!!
The Cantonese Elders continue their dominance of the girly-men(elders) Bulgarians in beach volleyball. We love it getting to take off our shoes and go outside! We do it almost everyday!! And we always win the series with the Bulgarians and we all speak each other’s languages during the game. Our word for them this week is mihgnwahn which means fatality. They have no idea what we’re saying so we laugh…they’re all pretty athletic too its a good competition everyday…except at the MTC you’re not even supposed to keep score to make everyone feel better. No one here does it. That’s the one rule that missionaries are allowed to break.
Fast Sunday is pretty long here but the meals are so good!!!! I like them all and I haven’t even got fat yet don’t worry. The devotionals for this week were Elder Craig Zwick of the 70 who challenged us to read the Book o0f Mormon again so I challenged the district to read it again before we leave here so we have time! But I’m already in second Nephi!!
Time is running out but I will try to write more! Make sure you send me something so I know you get it! Things for the next package are just a simple Walkman and headphones so I can listen to our songs and tones book. Tape, Kool-Aid, more of my Sharpie Pens, lots of pictures, since the room is very bland and boring. and especially a picture of an old fashioned train engine – I’ll tell you about that later!!
I’m praying for you and China needs your prayers so say a quick one for them!!
Elder Allen
P.S. Also go to the “I’m a Mormon” videos and search Hong Kong and then either Patrick Vanessa Stells David and Linda. Those people all speak Cantonese and live in Hong Kong!! See what I’m up against!! Write you later!!!

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Rules, Rules, Rules

A few days after Kyle’s first email arrived we received this letter in the mail.  It seems there are lots of rule to follow in the MTC and although I don’t get the impression that he is complaining, Elder Allen seems a bit overwhelmed.  Here is that letter.


Dear Family (and Associated Rebel Children of America))


            Before I say anything more make sure you type this up and put it on the blog because I know all of you want more to put up on the blog.  Hmm… Mom?  Like I said or maybe didn’t say it has been a good week overall.   I’m loading up on all the flashcards you can buy….. seriously though.  There is so much to take in here and if you don’t take notes you’re screwed.  Even then I seriously can’t sleep for at least half an hour every night thinking about all of the stuff I learned that day.  There is NO WAY you can remember it all without praying.  It’s pretty crazy.


            The MTC is different than I imagined it would be. I like it and all because you learn so much here but it is so strict and I don’t even get half of the rules.  They are very strict with the “sight and sound” of your companion.  Like if he goes to the bathroom then you have to be right outside the door and get this – if you have your back turned to him at any point them you are not being a good companion.  There was a missionary in Japan once that got sent home for whatever and his companion almost got sent home too!  It was the first thing Salt Lake asked when the President called, “What was his companion doing?”   They just had their backs turned to each other teaching English!  Super strict about gym time and everything.  Basically nothing aggressive and if you dive at any time – you’re done!  Here it’s just rules and rules.


            So I told you about the older district earlier and how cool they are.  There are five of them so they’re in a tri-panionship.  I’m talking with one of them, Elder Grossbeck (who is younger than me) about sports all day – ha-ha!  So us together makes 11 missionaries out of like over 2000 missionaries at the MTC!  It’s an elite group and calling – ha!  I saw Cooper within like 15 minutes of being here!  So sick and he is a total baller and pimp daddy.  But I’ve seen everyone who I think is here; Zach, Cooper, Jared, the surgeon (MacDaddy McBride), Sterling, Jake and other people who I just can’t remember right now.  I’m disappointed though; I don’t see Alex that much.  I got a letter from Phyl too.  If he’s reading this he is gay.  Since there are only 11 of us we’re a second tier language so we get all the old classrooms and then teach in the new ones.


            Yesterday (Sunday), Steven Allen came who is the head of the Missionary Department came and gave a fireside about precision and correcting deviation.  It was actually really good and funny.  It’s the only time there is like actual laughter here at a group meeting.  It says in the rulebook you can’t be sarcastic.  Needless to say that is a hard rule to follow!  The older Elders say there is always a better chance of a General Authority coming to the Tuesday Devotional than to the Sunday Fireside.  I heard a rumor that they take the whole month of July off…?  Check on that.  But I thought the new mission presidents came then…?  Let me know!  And I’ll let you know who is the speaker tomorrow!


            Gym time is still fun even though the rules are strict.  Foursquare is bomb but volleyball is fun too.  I thought basketball would be better than it is but it’s just not that appealing.  You only get 50 minutes 5 days a week so use it wisely!  We’d go out to the field more but Elder Parker likes to run and lift weights and do P90X’s so that’s what he does and that stuff is in the gym.  Outside they have Bocce ball, croquet, soccer and what our district likes the most – beach volleyball!  The only thing you can dive in! Ha!  The old district likes to have Old Man Friday and play Bocce but we are pretty athletic so we do that!


            Send pictures and stuff!  The rooms are… let’s just say they could be more roomy and homey.  Let me tell you I am reaping the benefits of our Wal-Mart trip.  Biggest miracle so far?  I folded my pants on the crease!  I think….  And I did the laundry for the first time and everything is A-Okay.  Being a district leader is cool but there are a lot of meetings and stuff on Sundays.  So while the district is like watching movies, reading and relaxing, I’m in meetings.  It also means I’m senior companion but who cares about that…not important at all.  Whoever is reading this send me a letter!  I promise I’ll write back ASAP!  And family, I know I’ve said this before but I love everything I get from you guys I love you all!  My cup is run for this week!  Ha-ha!


See ya soon Audrey  (Staci reference),


Au Yeuhng Jeung Louh

Elder Allen’s P-day is Monday so that is the day he will he able to write to you.  Write to him – he will be so very grateful!