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Au Jeuhng Jeung Louh’s First Letter

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I had heard from other parents that getting the first letter from your missionary is one of the highlights of the whole experience.  Well Monday morning around 10 o’clock I opened my email and there it was.  And yes, I can already tell it will be a highlight.  I hope you enjoy Elder Kyle Allen’s – I mean Au Jeuhng Jeung Louh’s first letter from the Provo MTC.
Wow wow wow what a week. Just before I forget to tell you for dear eldering my estimated departure date is August 6th so when it asks you that you just put that! Make sure the fb world knows about that because I know I had questions about that when I was doing it. I love getting something from you guys everyday especially the news! I love hearing everyrthing going on in the news especially sports. Its so weird I could care less about that stuff when I’m doing gospel stuff so much that its like it doesnt even exsist but when I get the letters its so shocking! And I’ll email you for sure once a week and then hopefully get a chance to write a letter to you guys every week so I can remember all the things I missed because right now I’m time crunching it….so lets get down to business. Oh and send another SD card I left that other one in the back of the Infiniti so send it quick!
Dad you were wrong they didn’t give me my first Chinese lesson on Wednesday night. They gave me my first Chinese lesson probably no more than an hour of being there so crazy! I already dont call people elders anymore they are all jeung lou which means elder or chuungausi which means missionary! Haha and my name isn’t elder allen its Au Jeuhng Jeung Louh with the second word lowering and the Jeung is rising and louh is like low. Haha I can already pray in Chinese so I’ve been trying to do that but its really hard actually who would have though! Sahn is God and Yesouhgedok is Jesus Christ so ya thats good to know. And get this on Friday we had our first “investigator” and we taught her how to pray and then on Saturday we taught her why she should read the Book of Mormon (or Moyingmuhngung). Its funny cause they say they are investigators you know but who speaks Cantonese in Provo that isn’t mormon that would want to come do this! She totally is its not like she’s good at hiding it either. So thats what I’ve done with the Chinese this week. Pretty insane.
On to the district. The district is super awesome and they might be the only thing that keeps me going throughout these 12 weeks. There are four of us elders and we have the pleasure of having 2 sisters as well. Seriously that wasn’t sarcastic its actually really nice havuing them. My companions (Tungbuhn) name is Elder Parker who Im actually Facebook friends with already so look him up he’s from Anaheim actaully. Me and him are….different about most everything and he’s super strict about everything but oh welll you win some and you lose some and overall he is great in the classroom! Just outside of it…we’ll look past that it doesnt really mAatter Haha the other companions are super sweet. I just say I have three companions ha we do everything together. Elder Wu is reppin the Bay area and his parents are Chinese so he can understand Cantonese but cant speak it and he’s 100 percent american and ya not like you think. Elder Siebach is from Dallas Fort Worth area and stuff and he is just a really cool guy! Im glad I finally got to meet him! He’s on facebook too so yep. All four us like each other! Sister Lin is from Australia and her English is okay but added with the fact she is shy doesn’t help but I still like her! And Sister (Ji muih) Heaton is from Virginia. She’s an awesome missionary and has already been called as the copordinating sister for the Branch!!! Holty cow thats huge. Just kidding there are about 50 missionaries to each branch and there are only them two sisters ha. half of our branch is leaving this week for either Indiana or somewhere I forget speaking spanish. Which means me and Elder Parker will get two new roommates this week since our’as (Elderrs Reeder and Callison who are so cool and funny) are leaving! This group of missionaries that we are getting are going to California and Pennslyvania English so we’ll watch them leave too…we’ll watch a lot of people leave ha. We have the saying here “English and Spanish come and go but THE ASIANS ARE ETERNAL” ha. Oh I was called as district leader too! Very cool to have responsibility and to watch over all the missioanries and give them advice and love them and learn from them! there is an older branch of hong cong elders in our zone and they are agbout the coolest people alive! Great missionaries and they have the system down so they give us all the tips and wee hang out with them everywhere! Its weird to think there are my age but they seem so much older! Whereever we go we so jouhsahn to people whuich means good morning. No matter the time haha I’ll send you more stuff later I don’t have much time but keep sending me things I love you guys and I think about you a ton!!! I know what I’m doing is right and the lord will bless you guys just pray for it! He wants to bless you guys! I’m going to write another letter right now cause i have so mich more! Send a package ehh? And I LOVE LETTERS!!! We have a compertiton about letters and Elder Siebach is winning. that cant happen!
See ya soon,
Elder Allen

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